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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas with a brief stint in Germany around the time Ross Perot first ran for President.  At eighteen, I left home for an experimental school in the high Sierras called Deep Springs where I ranched, read philosophy, and practiced self-governance along with 25 other equally incompetent city slicker thinkers.
Following Deep Springs, I attended Columbia University in New York and tempered my desert poet with a dose of big city life.  History was my major though my favorite experience was sneaking onto the roof of the international affairs building and looking from New Jersey on my right to Brooklyn on my left.

Two and a half years later, I entered the military, completed officer training in Georgia, moved to Germany, and finally deployed to Afghanistan.  I returned to Germany in February of this year and returned to the States from Europe in July. Which brings me here, to today, writing this introduction as the lights of the Frost Bank building turn on.  There’s not much better than a good skyline at dusk, and Austin’s got a great one.

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columbia mba executive education

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