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Effective communication takes practice, and a strong interest in understanding (and being understood) by others. If you’re using Connect, you might have been assigned a private group discussion area for working together. Connect discussions, as mentioned, are group discussion spaces on Connect that can only be accessed by you and your group. Sometimes, online behavior can appear so disrespectful and even hostile that it requires attention and follow up. Except where otherwise stated, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You can have a videoconference, share a calendar, share files and use a whiteboard to plan your project. Here are a few of the more common communication problems, adapted from work done at the Derek Bok Centre, at Harvard University. This generally happens when people are having difficulty figuring out their role in a group, and decisions are being postponed.
Try encouraging participation by making sure that everyone’s ideas are heard before decisions are made, and speaking to quiet members outside of formal group meetings. Some people are more action-oriented than others, and pressure the group to start moving in directions that everyone might not be on board with.

In this case, let your instructor know right away so that the right resources can be called upon to help.

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communicating effectively download

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