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It simply means that communication skills are an essential element of leadership and one cannot become an effective leader without possessing the virtue of communication.
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The ability to make a connection is central to a leader’s success and that can only be achieved with the help of proper communication skills. If we look closely at it, we find most of the leaders spend maximum time of their lives communicating with clients, people, staff, investors, the media and other ones. Some of the important ones are; ability to connect with their audience, having leadership charisma, mastering the art of using non-verbal communication and of course, good public speaking skills. Its not that leaders start their public speaking journey with bang but it is simply the ability to rise to the occasion as and when the moment arrives. The term connection here signifies providing the other person a feeling of his own self-importance.
Their leadership was not just conditional to their ability to speak but also to understand and listen to what others had to say. Even in the corporate world, people like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton and Sunil Mittal etc are believed to possess great communication skills.

For instance, Mahatma Gandhi was a very shy child but when the time called upon him, he proved himself to be a master communicator. Great leaders work on their shortcomings and try their best to master verbal and non-verbal communication skills. A leader who is able to connect with people on an emotional level while communicating is bound to have the greatest impact on his audiences.
Among the other aspects of communication skills possessed by great leaders, effective use of body language, listening skills, openness, smiles and eye contact etc are the major ones.

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communication and leadership in early years

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