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In more than a decade teaching communications classes at Point Park University, Heather Starr Fiedler, an associate professor, has tried to assign real-world type projects such as designing a new logo for Microsoft or the Walt Disney Co. That’s about to change with the Tuesday launch of Wood Street Communications, a student-run agency at Point Park that will provide public relations, advertising, social media solutions, graphic design, photography and other communications services. The payoff for students in the Downtown university’s School of Communication is they get professional experience in a for-credit class.
Before the university formalized the idea for an actual agency, students completed some work for nonprofits such as email upgrades and graphic design, said Ms. The class ran with the idea and not only created the agency’s structure but organized next week's launch event including sending invitations, ordering food and preparing the space. Wood Street Communications will be offered as an integrated marketing course for juniors and seniors each semester. Besides providing hands-on, professional experience for the students, she believes the agency will boost their sense of giving back.
Brian currently works for a diversity and multicultural education training and consulting firm and teaches and designs courses for a few online colleges and universities near Buffalo, NY. Many students are used to only communicating in the traditional classroom by face to face interaction and more recently outside the classroom by cell phone and E-mail.

The class is launching Wood Street Communications — a student agency that will service nonprofits with Web design, marketing, PR and other communications. Fiedler, who chairs the School of Communication faculty, asked Camille Downing, a public relations course instructor, to have her students develop a business plan for an agency that could deliver communications services to nonprofits.
For students seeking practicums or freelance opportunities, the agency can provide projects and client work. With online classes becoming more and more popular, there are so many other ways you can communicate with your fellow students and even instructor. Course Room Chat– Most online classes have a chat function that allows you to chat in real time with other students who are logged into the class. Main Discussion Forums– Most of the communication between instructor and student and student to student occurs in the discussion forums where you discuss the learning goals and course content.
Individual Private Forums– This is where you can communicate directly with your online instructor.
Team Forums– In many online classes, your online instructor will divide the class up into teams to work on a course project. Outside of the Classroom– Most online institutions really encourage all communication to occur inside the online course room.

For the International Association of Business Communications Heritage Region, the students designed a marketing plan and brochure for an annual conference; and the Pine Community Center got needed research and a branding analysis.
He has managed residence halls and apartments, advised Multicultural and International Students, and taught geography, diversity, college orientation, and technology courses at many campus and online colleges and universities.
Brian is also a June 2002 graduate of the Social Justice Training Institute and is currently finishing up his PhD in The Leadership for Higher Education Program at Capella University. You basically answer the discussion questions and respond to your fellow students responses and the instructor will facilitate. Many online instructors will publish specific times during the week they will be in the chat room as part of office hours. But, just like a traditional non-online class, much communication does occur outside of the actual class.
Some newer ways of communicating between online instructor and student and even student to student has been through texting, Facebook, Google+,- Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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communication classes chicago jobs

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