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Here are 5 attributes on which I measure the power of Games as a communication vehicle which have me convinced that structurally Games are a superior form of communication to traditional media. Not to be taken literally, authoring refers to the sense of control that a player is imbued with to “create” and chart a course of action. A corollary to the earlier point on authoring, the open ended constructivist syntax of a game gives multiple routes to a player to progress.
Not to be confused with being able to comment on a thread or article, Feedbacking refers to the constant action-reaction cycle that is a part of a classical communication process. As mentioned in a previous post, games immerse not just in terms of visuals and narrative but in the way they create a strong objective driven purpose for the entire engagement.

These deficiencies are rooted in the structure of the media itself, so quick fixes or solutions are unlikely. Next week may see a short break from posting but I may surprise you and myself with a post.
Gamification: Toeing the fine line between Flirting with your Hot Cousin and Kissing your Sister! Also with force feedback devices and with certain consoles like Wii, Kinect and Move the information and stimuli that is part of the communication process is of an overall order of magnitude higher than traditional media. With a strong motivator, chances for the communication process to break down or be aborted by a person are unlikely.

People replay a game even after being successful – because the experience can be radically different!

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communication games printables

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