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This entry was posted in Business of Medicine, Practice Management and tagged business of medicine, doctor-patient communication, doctor-patient relationship, information therapy, patient communication, patient satisfaction, PM - patient communication, practice management. Bhatia had swollen, painful knees, her physician made the correct diagnosis of osteoarthritis.
Placing the doctor-patient relationship at the forefront and communicating proactively with patients will create greater patient satisfaction.
Bhatia’s ulcer to start bleeding, leading to an emergency gastroscopy to control the symptoms.

The strong urge to help others is often the primary driving force for choosing medicine as a profession.
While prescribing the standard course of anti-inflammatory medicines for her, he did not provide her with a list of the possible side effects. Satisfied patients are one of the best ways to build your practice through world-of-mouth referrals.
Frustrated with her doctor for not warning her of the possible side effects of the medication, Mrs.

Bhatia also did not tell her doctor that she had been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer; had he known, he would have prescribed an alternate medication. This greatly unsettled the physician, a caring professional who felt betrayed that his reputation was being tarnished due to an unintentional communication lapse between patient and doctor.

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communication gap activities

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