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On my previous article on gigantism and IT companies I tried to illustrate how size could affect big IT companies. Apparently, gigantism has too many side effects, mostly on companies that are not strictly focused on a reduced set of products. Having spent part of my working experience in startups (Brightmail, Ironport) and big sized company (Symantec , Cisco ) I have had direct experience with both and have seen first hand how frustrating it can be to move from a high-speed market eating small beasts to slow running caterpillar markets.
The main difference is that, beside claims and internal marketing, big ones usually make you feel more a number than a contributor, while in a small environment you feel responsible and committed. We should realize that with scale comes the need for a better structure stratification in order to deal with an increasing market share, wider customer base, more employees, more managers and, of course, more revenues.
In the startup model (Fig.2), on the other hand, a simple hierarchical structure exists where the CEO is usually founder and financial officer while close collaborators may run few key positions.
Other areas of activity that arise with growth and demand include post-sales support, marketing localization, IT and pre-sales. Moreover, we should consider that the new company heads have specific competence in their field but are rarely competent on the product\market\technology the constitutes company’s core service.
Sometimes an increasingly complex management structure can slow growth significantly forcing companies to move away from the standard hierarchical structure depicted above. As structures becomes bigger and the hierarchy deeper, top positions remain, nonetheless, in charge of most of the decision-making process. Virtual teams are often used to create cross communities that can better understand some specific issue. Such techniques have been widely adopted by big companies, but the core problem remains the same.
When delegating decision rights to someone else we automatically create constrains for ourselves. Building a common communication background (or using communication managers) could help address the issue, but again if those components do not have the necessary decision-making power and commitment from the company every effort would be doomed to fail.

In conclusion is not the structure itself the very cause of slow giant moves, but the lack of commitment and delegation that comes from the management and the sometimes too deep hierarchical structure. Antonio Ierano is an IT professional, marketing specialist, and tech evangelist with over 16 years of experience serving as a community liaison, subject matter expert, and high-profile trainer for key technologies and solutions.
Widen too much the offering could result in a loss of focus and a way to slow reaction attitude.
This often requires the adoption of new approaches in several areas, from financial asset to human resource management.
In fact new, layers and groups become necessary to manage what at the beginning could be easily managed by few people without specific competences. More complicated financial operations then, as the company grows, can be so overwhelming as to make the appointment of a CFO a necessity.
Some of these groups need very specific structures; sales and presales, for example, share usually the same organization but are characterized by completely different needs. As result, most of the time the management fails to appreciate the importance of strategic differentiation basing decisions almost exclusively on financial performance. A good example of a company where this happened is Cisco whose restructuring is illustrated in the chart below.
This, in turn, leads to problems that stem mainly from communication difficulties between layers. In contrast to virtual teams, which is a common project management approach, dotted reporting is intended to build a link between different structures. Without an effective and real delegation of responsibility and decision power all those structures results in a heavier machine which makes the company slower and more frustrating to manage. By delegating portion of the company strategy to different groups we somehow do not own this strategy anymore. A CFO and technical evangelist will probably have very little common background while communicating.

And then again, as operations grow foreign markets become an inevitable target and as companies prepare to set foot in they often need to be restructured in line with local market specifics.
While decisions are still taken in the very first 3 top levels of management, a field representative could be more than 15 levels below the pyramid. To address those problems there are two structures that could come in hand: virtual teams and dotted reporting. There cannot be delegation without trust and appropriate metrics to assess progress towards objectives. Hence, managers’ top task should be to serve as a communication and facilitation node between different company layers (vertical and horizontal) and should be comfortable with the idea of delegating decision making responsibility to the lower and more competent areas.
Those problems are not only related to cross country relationships, but also to different areas of specialization.
Even inside the same group managers often are not able to understand requirements coming from their reports because of a lack of common background. That means feedback from field quite never arrives to the head impairing company’s ability to learn. It requires a clear understanding of the goals, the metrics involved and a great level of autonomy inside the related structure.
To achieve this duplicated roles should also be taken into account to increase communication efficiency. In fact, duplications would decrease the “ownership” of some corporate functions which is one of the major constraints to delegation.

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communication problems virtual teams

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