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Small talk can be a very important part of the daily, friendly chit chat we carry on with others. Medi BizTV is a 24 hour free to air satellite TV channel dedicated to serve and spread the message healthy living among our fellow community members. Small talk can also be very useful to break the ice to initiate conversations when mixing in a crowd of strangers. It generally includes short questions and answers about the facts of what is going on in the world, our lives, and the lives of others. The roadblock to the free expression of ones feelings lies in the fear of rejection and the fear of feeling vulnerable.

When we are comfortable knowing that those whom we have intimate relationships are dedicated to helping us become the best version of ourselves, we will be willing to reveal our faults, fears, and failures. Intimacy suffers when we are afraid to reveal ourselves for fear of being judged and the need to feel safe. We ask questions and reveal answers about what we did today, the weather, the results of a sporting event, etc. Intimacy also suffers when our focus is inward and we express no interest in committing our time to learn about others. The answers a person gives to a factual question can determine if the level of conversation is going to step up the ladder in intimacy or get shut down.

Imagine a relationship where you keep your feelings covered up for the fear of retaliation and confrontation. Intimate relationships can only thrive in an atmosphere of freedom where we feel safe to reveal our true feelings.

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communication skill quotes

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