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Join me for a fun and informative learning experience to prepare for your transition to parenthood. These 2 hour classes will prepare you for your birth in a fun and interactive way with other couples. Recommended as a refresher for subsequent births or for the family that is really limited for time. Babson College – Babson’s Summer Study for high school students provides outstanding high school students with the opportunity to explore how they can have global impact through business and entrepreneurship. Berklee Summer Programs:will give you a taste of Berklee College of Music—the best contemporary music college in the world—on the stage and in the classroom. Boston University: Five summer programs for high school students are available through Boston University Summer Team. Cornell University – One week residential programs -  Catalyst Academy  is for rising juniors and seniors from underrepresented backgrounds who desire to learn about engineering an careers within an interactive milieu.
Irish Culture Summer Camp in Galway, Ireland : Two(2) sessions 2 weeks each of summer camp in Ireland (June 25th-July 9th)( July 10th-July 24th). Landmark College: Landmark is offering several academic programs for high school students who struggle to keep up or who simply want to experience the atmosphere of college. NYS Association of Agricultural Fairs and New York State Showpeople’s Association.  The NYSAAF and NYSSA offer an annual scholarship program which is available to students who are New York State residents, who currently are (or have previously been) active in a fair that is a member of NYSAAF or NYSSA and who plan to attend (or already attend) college in pursuit of a degree. Rutgers University-New Brunswick is excited to announce a new opportunity for students interested in engineering. Stanford Pre-College Studies Four offerings for summer studies at StanfordUniversity, and university-level online courses.
Stanford Summer Arts Institute – NEW PROGRAM - Students in grades 9 - 11 engage in courses that stand at the intersection of the arts and science showing that the arts are at the heart of what we do and want to be.
Stanford Summer College Academy - Students ages 16-19 take courses that have three weeks in a live, real-time online class and three weeks on the beautiful Stanford campus. Summer Humanities Institute - Students currently in grades 10 and 11 explore the big questions at the heart of the humanities in seminars led by distinguished Stanford professors. Summer Institutes - Students currently in grades 8 – 11 engage in intensive study, single-subject courses with instructors and peers who share their talents, passions, and interests.
University-Level Online Math and Physics Courses - For students who have surpassed their high school’s math and physics curriculum, University-Level Online Math & Physics courses are offered throughout the year and are largely self-paced, giving students the opportunity to take a broad array of math and physics courses.
Syracuse University Summer College - Summer College allows current 9th, 10th and 11th graders the opportunity to be a college student this summer for either 2 or 6 weeks – with the potential to earn college credit.
IELTS Is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication .

IELTS is recognized by over 6.00 organizations world wise, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies, for a list of organizations that accept IELTS scores. The new TOEFL IBT consists four Sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing The entire test is about four hours long and all sections are taken on the same day. The SAT is a test that was developed and is administered by the College Board, which a non-profit organization in the India.
The GRE General Test focuses on the types of skills that have been identified as critical for success in graduate and business school, such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills that aren't limited to a specific field of study, but critical to all of them. Spoken English Courses, Communication Skills Courses and Personality Development Workshops. A colleague has just sent you an email relating to a meeting you're having in one hour's time. PTE Academic measures your English ability by testing your level of English through tasks which reflect real-life settings.Test timings. This program is designed to aid candidates in their preparation for Recruitment through Campuses or outside campuses. At SATguru, we believe that every student is unique and we keep on improvising ourselves to ensure the quality of our training enhances not only the students score but radically enhances their life altogether. Spoken English, Soft Skills, Advanced Communication Skills, - English, Spanish, Portuguese Language Classes In SR Nagar Hyderabad & Secunderabad - You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.
Swami Vivekananda Foundation was established with the specific aim of making people learn how to use the language correctly and effectively. Improving your English can increase your business opportunities and help you to obtain a good job. Return to Soccer Practice plans from Soccer Hand Ball.Return to Possession Soccer from Soccer Hand Ball. Please visit douglas college for more info about these amazing classes offered in Chilliwack, Mission, Langley and many other locations throughout the valley. We will cover many of the items discovered in the full 6 week series but due to time limitations cannot cover it all. Summer Study students take a month-long, credit-bearing college course, Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience. Along with students from all over the United States and more than 60 countries from around the world, you’ll have access to the same facilities available to full-time students.
Run by medical students in 27 cities nationwide with locations in Manhattan and Westchester County, Camp Neuro is a 1-week summer day camp open to high school students interested in exploring careers in medicine. Curie Academy is for girls who excel in math and science.  The focus is on rising juniors and seniors who may not have had prior opportunities to explore engineering, but want to learn more about it in an interactive atmosphere.

Courses include Young Photographers in the Darkroom, Young Digital Photographers, Young Scholastic Portfolio Development, Young Filmmakers, Young Screenwriters and much more.
The fair where you have been active or the NYSSA must endorse your application and will submit it for you. Students can chose among 21 courses in a variety of subjects and earn Stanford Continuing Studies credit. The email is supposed to contain key information that you need to present, as part of the business case for an important project. Students in their final leg of engineering studies or qualified candidates looking for placement in reputed organizations can make use of this program to get trained to deliver their best in the selection processes of organizations such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Satyam, CTS, HCL. This foundation has come up with excellence of course with fifteen years of research in English language.
We also aim to provide practice in using receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing), vocabulary and punctuation. You will be getting maximum one mail in a day (Only if new ads of your interest is posted on You can unsubscribe at any time. This is a common part of the youth game while players are learning to move without the soccer ball. How do we get players to move out of the defenders shadow to receive the soccer ball?How to teach kids to communicate with their team mates.Soccer handball!This game is very easy to set up and the kids have a blast playing the game.
Spend your summer making music with others who share your passion and studying with world-renowned faculty who are the very best at what they do. They include 3-6 week residential programs as well as a one week residential or commuter program. Eligible students must be between the ages of 16-18 and have completed courses in precalculus and physics. It has offered a unique way of teaching the language in a simple and suitable way to the different categories of learners such as students, employees, professionals, executives, business men and housewives.
Swami Vivekananda Foundation increases the ability of the students in effective communicating skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Vivekananda Foundation helps the students communicating wisely and effectively in English and global languages.

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