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Research suggests that we remember between 25 to 50 percent of the total content that we hear.
Clearly, we need to improve our listening skills, not only for our benefit but also it increases the accuracy of performing task, productivity and the ability to negotiate and influence. In today’s times, it is extremely important to be skilled in the art of efficient communication.
Our introduction to communication theory classes are going to shed light on the main basics which you need to learn. Those who want to perfect the art of spoken and written English can benefit immensely with our video lectures. Our approach towards the topics routes through the power of active listening, importance of body language, correct ways of responding and the timing and nature of feedbacks.

With our video lectures, you will be able to hone your English speaking skills and improve the way you speak. Once you have grabbed these main points, you can then move over to video lectures that deal with the fundamentals of public speaking and even communication skills as well.
We have video tutorials for crisis communication which will come in handy when you are looking to deal with troublesome situations. This becomes hazardous when the listener who has perceived half the information given to him, goes on to execute the task. We assess each and every participanta€™s listening ability and then carefully mould it the correct way in order to increase to make the participant a better listener and a better employee for the organization. In our communication tutorials, we have covered various diverse aspects that will help you become a great speaker.

Regardless of which field you work in, you will need the best communication skills to excel in your career. Our video lectures shall also cover meeting management issues and thereby help you deal effectively with all the crux situations which you may face. If you are not sure of your English speaking skills, you can make use of our video tutorials.

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communication skills courses melbourne west

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