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Written communication skills training helps people to improve their writing in terms of emails, proposals, documents and presentations. It works on reminding participants of those principles we often forget from school days, and adds to them with essential principles for clear and professional writing. Knowing how to write in the perceived correct manner gives the ability to choose how to write. Our written communication skills workshop is highly informative and is run in an engaging and fun style.
Whilst we have a structured workshop, we adapt this with examples and scenarios from your organization. We make this a very practical session with participants working on typical documents from their practice area whilst discussing key principles and gaining a lot of knowledge. The following gives more detail on our approach to written communication training, please call us to see how this could work for your organisation. The planning section typically looks at what happens when we don’t plan before we write and considers structure and the form of the communication.
Trainees, junior lawyers and others benefit from this workshop which we have been running for a number of years. Simply to be able to write coherent and accurate documents whether they be letters or clauses. Consider the receiver - It is so easy to get lost in what we are trying to communicate that we forget it is the receiver who needs to understand our message. Check grammar and re-learn the basics - Grammar is important if we are to underpin the perception of competence with the ability to communicate professionally and clearly. Draft the structure - Creating a rough structure for your communication helps to give it form. There are many situations in life which require us to be an effective communicator, and where enhancing our communication skills and becoming a more dynamic communicator will ultimately enhance our success.

Successful communication not only involves planning what we say, but also how we say it and our overall presence. ReCreate Me empowers people to communicate in effective ways that inform, inspire, and motivate. ReCreate Me uses a combination of clinical communication expertise, performing arts and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)  to develop communication styles, supporting people to get their message across to their audience with clarity, gravitas and influence.
ReCreate Me offers bespoke analysis and training to your individual needs and to explore, challenge and develop your own communication style. We provide an in-depth learning experience, allowing you to practice skills in a safe environment. This ensures that your training meets your objectives and expectations, and if relevant, your organisation’s culture. Do you find it difficult to express yourself in English as well as you can in your own language? At ReCreate Me, we work with you to develop your English language skills through continuous practice and feedback.
Please note that this is not about learning English but about learning how to use English accurately, effectively and efficiently in different environments. Rules and guidelines are introduced using examples from actual emails and the content can be based on specific examples from your firm or business. So we talk to the managers involved and get examples of good and bad performance from the context of the participants. These are trainees or lawyers whoa have or who are developing their knowledge of the law but who need a consistent and accurate way of expressing this in documents. We adapt and tailor the training to suit your organization to give it maximum relevance and impact. With our unique blend of training and coaching the session will help your people develop their skills as they learn.

Our training gives participants exactly what they need in a well created open learning environment. Our training style is a blend of instruction and coaching to help the participants see a better way, never being told, just given an option, unless you want us to tell that is! We always get great feedback from this training, so join other clients in improving their written communication skills with ITD. Having a clear objective at the start helps to create more succinct and focussed communication. It helps us to draft a clearer communication, so that both we and the receiver understand what is being said and its context. Our clients leave their sessions with a clearer awareness of their own presentational style and how others view them, and a more effective and confident style. Speaking in a second language can be challenging even if you have had years of lessons in grammar. We believe that practicing your second language in situations that you are likely to require it provides the best form of second language development.
And in a market such as with law firms, writing skills are part of the mix to give clients confidence. The trainees complete a short pre course task which means they are in a better position to learn straight away in the session.
Careful consideration of the receiver’s perspective is key to communication, especially if any persuasion is required.
In using actual examples the training is very relevant to the participants’ daily work.

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