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This post wraps-up our strategy-paksm  series with the final key element- traditional communication of strategy. Based on our experience with historic approaches to communication of strategy, we focus heavily on these seven, basic characteristic areas to get it right from the beginning. In fact, many of these elements could be pulled directly from marketing and in particular marketing communications.  Also, social platforms are allowing acceleration and expanded support of communication activities to keep up with the faster clock-speed requiring more rapid frequency of strategy and tactics. When delivered-  What is the timing of each channel?  How does it sequence with other communications? Now, let’s touch upon a couple of important tactical success factors related to strategy communications. There are significant benefits of diverse change teams charged with creating and executing the communications plan.  For example, Jan Klein, MIT, advocates for the productivity of hybrid resources, “Outsiders-Insiders”9, created by bringing both “types”, insiders and outsiders, onto teams. The Framework for Strategic Communication (see graphic) focuses on messages about the strategy to constituents (stakeholders) with formal and informal feedback designed into the process. While most companies attempt at least initial communication of strategy, we have observed formalized feedback embedded into processes and culture very rarely.  For an example of a formalized feedback process, see a mini-case example (vetting strategy) click here.

Regularly left to others, the underlying communication process is often informal and yet provides the platform for meshing all of the internal gears. MIT posits the level of audience involvement correlates closely with the level of author “control”.  Consideration of both axes must influence the management style of communication reflected in the communications plan.
We feel this last point, engaging a broader swath of the organization, is easier today than ever because of the rapidly emerging social platforms allowing information to flow more freely from source to target and back again. 2 See highly referenced scholarly article by Kohut and Segars, “The president’s letter to stockholders,: An examination of corporate communications strategy”, Journal of Business Communication (1992) vol. 3 See Hamm, “The five messages leaders must manage”, Harvard Business Review, (May 2006) reprint R0605G. 7 See Argenti, et al, “The strategic communication imperative”, MITSloan Management Review(Spring 2005) Vol. 8 See highly referenced scholarly article by Stuart Klein, “A management communication strategy for change”, Journal of Organizational Change Management (1996), Vol.
At Ignition Branding, we prefer to get a better bead on the target before we pull the trigger.

Too many times, executives get caught with their eyes so close to the canvas, they cannot see the big picture. We understand that not all journeys follow the same path, so we are flexible enough to deviate when needed while remaining committed to the process in general. Our process revolves around discovering that big picture from the inside out, and then structuring strategies and tactics specifically designed to achieve your company’s goals. At the end of the exercise, companies want results, but they won’t get them if they lack key data, base decisions on false assumptions or fail to connect with their key audiences.

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communication strategy marketing 7p

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