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A project leader uses the Stakeholder Register to guide elements of the Project Communication Plan. This analysis defines the limits of what can be done with the available time and money in the project. This book is a simple toolkit for all design students wanting to learn about the key processes of designing and presenting a brand identity. I have gained over 2 years experience as a freelance a visual communicator, working on brand identity and brand awareness projects.
Aphelions Organisational Change Management toolkit provides a comprehensive set of guides, accelerators and templates to enable managers, project teams and consultants who are engaged in delivering change programmes.
Over 750 business professionals from a wide range of industries have used our Stakeholder mapping templates. A stakeholder is anybody who can affect or is affected by an organisation, strategy or project. Then with your team ask these 4 simple questions to identify more stakeholders and specific individuals.
Stakeholder Analysis is a systematic way to analyse stakeholders by their power and interest. Once you have identified your stakeholders you may have a long list of groups and people who could be affected or affect your business.
Review your list for each stakeholder or group and decide how much interest they have in your project and how much influence they could have on your project. You may have guessed that you will want to treat the stakeholders that have a high interest and influence on your project differently from those that are not influential and not interested. Now that you have completed the identification and analysis stages it is time to develop your stakeholder engagement strategy.

Using the information you have gathered in the previous steps write a communication and reporting plan that documents: the information requirements, frequency of communication, communication provider and channel of communication for each stakeholder. Stakeholder Engagement is about engaging with relevant stakeholders and choosing the most efficient and effective engagement approach. Make sure that everyone who is involved in delivering the plan has read and approved it and understands the actions that they need to take.
Now you know who your stakeholders are, you have identified the key players and you have a plan for engaging with them. Communication management includes developing corporate communication strategies, making internal and external directives and keeping a check on the flow of information, including the online information portal. It defines the process of information flow to get the and answers of some basic yet important question like , which information needs to be flowed , who needs the information and when is the information needed . If you are making effective strategies than you may have the information about the customer satisfaction level and how to achieve it .corporate communication strategy also focuses on the broader community engagement and work place diversity so that very aspect is covered and handled with creativity. Maintaining an internal framework of communication is also a vital factor that let the work force believe that the company value them with this information and it also keeps them motivated to a certain level . As well as aiding customer experience, services and use of social media for various businesses.
Example stakeholder lists are available with the Stakeholder Management templates and ebook. Using post-its or a marker pen put them into the appropriate box on your interest and influence matrix. Make use of your existing reporting structure to manage and communicate with your key stakeholders and don't forget to make use of technology e.g. As a rule of thumb time intensive and expensive approaches like one to one meetings, working partnership and extensive consultation should only be used for the most powerful and interested stakeholders.

By taking these four simple steps you are already way ahead and your project has a much greater chance of success! Unfortunately the toolkit appears to have been removed from the National Archives see OGC Successful Delivery Toolkit. Information is considered to the most valuable asset of the company, if a company loses this information it can create havoc for that company so the first step of the communication process is to see what information is to be conveyed to the stake holders. First objective is to keep ensuring that communication is an integral part of our strategic planning framework.
But this factor also has some risk, keeping the internal frame tight is the key factor so that only trusted employees are given the information that is vital for the company otherwise it can be misused and lead to many issues. This is a simple, but very powerful way of categorizing stakeholders and developing a tailored strategy for engaging each stakeholder based on their relative interest and influence in your business or project.
For stakeholders that may be highly interested in your project, but have low influence focus on cheaper one-way engagement like newsletters or webpages. The second step is to make the information available in the timely manner to the stakeholders so they can work efficiently and effectively .the third step is performance reporting so that the stake holders can make better decisions, it includes status reports, progress measurement, and forecasting.
Effective communication is key part of organization business and strategically improvised communication techniques can make this business even better. So the ultimate solution for information leakage control is to empower the communication channels and after carefully examining the lop holes, the passages for communication should be conserved accordingly.
The final step of the process is to manage the stake holder information so that the expectations are met and issues are resolved.

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communication strategy workshop agenda

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