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Communication Studies at UCLA innovates across disciplines, tackles the toughest questions, and brings some of the brightest minds in the world together to enrich and improve the world. I am a writer and reporter, with credits ranging across many publications including The Atlantic, NPR, Huffington Post, Forbes, and LA Weekly.  But when I joined the Communication Studies department my freshman year at UCLA, that was never part of the game plan. Austin KaidiAustin Kaidi, a third year Microbiology and Immunology major and captain of the UCLA debate team, from Orange County, California, has a passion for public health reform, microbiological research, and speaking. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1900, James Murray spent the majority of his life in Southern California.
I am a cognitive scientist interested broadly in the evolution of communication and social behavior. I am a conversation analyst with an interest in fundamental structures of human interaction, as well as more specialized interactions implicated in journalism and political communication. I use video to investigate the co-operative organization of human language and action, conversation, aphasia, and scientific practice.
I am a scholar of political communication, and am particularly interested in partisan news and the impact of new technologies on communication. I am an interdisciplinary evolutionary scientist interested in how evolution has shaped communication and the social mind.
I am a social psychologist interested in how cues in the face and body communicate social identities to observers.
My research examines political communication, party strategy, voter behavior, and electoral competition both in the U.S.
I am a mathematical and computational modeler interested in social networks, social influence, and collective intelligence. I am an interdisciplinary social scientist who studies violence and conflict, including an emphasis on mass media effects. I am a media and cultural analyst with special interests in global and new media, intercultural representation and conflict. I am a psychologist intrigued by the transformative power of personal narratives in public discourse and in the lives of individuals. I am an advertising, marketing and communications executive with 25 years of professional experience.
I am an employment and entertainment attorney, legal commentator and international speaker on a myriad of business issues, and a scholar whose main academic focus is on free speech issues.
I am a journalist with more than 20 years experience, including 16 years as a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times. I am a Communication Studies scholar who uses the tools of rhetoric and critical theory to study questions that relate to ideology, propaganda and institutional power. My academic focus has always been in speech education, and I feel strongly that speech education should be a part of every college curriculum.

I am an attorney specializing in labor and employment and a scholar whose main academic focus is on the ideological nature of propaganda, the corporate structure of the American media, and how propaganda is disseminated to control the media environment. I teach oral communication with an emphasis on the language of rhetoric, applying my experience as a speechwriter and executive communications specialist. I focus on teaching international students how to become accomplished speakers - in any country, under any condition and any circumstance. I am International News Producer with an interest in how people and governments best communicate across national and cultural boundaries.
I am an argumentation scholar who directs UCLA’s forensics program, studies the science and rhetoric of climate change, and teaches the power of effective storytelling. I'm a journalist and author -- 30 years in the newspaper business as a reporter, editor, columnist and bureau chief -- now launching a new magazine for UCLA and teaching courses in ethics, writing and California public policy. I am a full-time teaching faculty member with expertise in research methodology, social networking, and learning through tv, film, and new media. I am an international lawyer and am active in civic and cultural affairs, with an interest and expertise in how people communicate in order to achieve personal and community goals.
We have about 25 nationally renowned faculty who offer important courses, advise students, and guide them to the completion of original research. Although only a third year, Austin is graduating early and planning to attend graduate school to study public health next year. Starting in middle school, Austin has accrued 9 years of debate experience, and has spoken at the UN on behalf of UNICEF, has represented the UCLA Debate Union on the college circuit, and represented UCLA at various political events, such as Politcon.
I research how people use the multimodal information in mass media to form complex and integrated models of reality, using language, images, gesture, and emotion. As one of the most selective departments at one of the most sought-after universities in the world, our people are truly the best of the best.
Austin has a passion for the research he conducts on creating a more efficacious TB booster vaccine in the Horwitz Lab at UCLA and uses this hands-on experience in debate whenever possible. Austin has competed for the UCLA Debate Union on a number of occasions, including representing UCLA at the USUDC National Championship for British Parliamentary Debate.
Murray moved to Southern California, where he earned his doctorate from the University of Southern California.
Looking back, I think all the essays I wrote for my classes were the most helpful thing I did in college. While I barely remember the contents, like comparing Mean World Syndrome and Propaganda theories, the base of practice they laid allowed me to become a more effective communicator, and explore other types of writing. Vidya joined the Debate Team in her freshman year and has represented UCLA at debate tournaments on the local, regional and national level. Murray then joined the faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles in 1929 as a teacher of Public Speaking and Argumentation and as an Assistant Director of Forensics. It meant getting free tickets to major concerts like Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival. Vidya first began during high school, where she participated in regional tournaments such as the Julia Gabriel Debate Competition.

She continued to pursue her interest in debate at the Junior College Level, where she participated and received first place in the Singapore Management University Junior College Final.In addition to Debate, Vidya is interested in volunteer work, which she pursues as part of the United Nations Association.
Murray would go on to become one of the most senior staff at UCLA, holding his positions for 36 years.During this period, Professor Murray was highly regarded for his devoted service to the Forensics program on this campus.
In Fall 2011, a buddy from high school called me with the idea of biking from France to China. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue further studies in EconomicPratik MalshePratik Malshe is a second year Business Economics major at the University of California- Los Angeles. Just as impressive are the contributions he made to the lives of the hundreds of students who enrolled in his famed speech performance courses. My decision to join him and cycle 16,000 miles through 23 countries would change my life.Using ideas that I’d picked up in classes such as Jim Newton’s Ethics of Journalism course, I pursued a variety of stories while cycling across Eurasia. Upon graduation, he is planning on pursuing a career in management consulting or public accounting.Over the two years in college, Pratik has been highly engaged in various British Parliamentary competitions. Being a noteworthy rhetorician, he taught countless students the practical art of debating and effective public speaking.
I treated the trip as a sort of graduate school in journalism, and slowly developed a model of storytelling that engaged readers back home.
He was the epitome of a dedicated teacher, and happily spent time with his students trying to make their learning experience as comfortable as possible – a trait, which was repaid with the undying devotion of all his students. It took nearly a year before editors at major magazines started returning my emails, but by the end of the journey I was being featured in national publications. Apart from that, he has participated in the US British Parliamentary Nationals Championship and the Western Regional Championship. Jimmy Murray possessed a ready and keen sense of humor, which he often used at the expense of himself.
Other than debating, Pratik has dedicated his time in economics faculty research and finance clubs in the hope that the skills learnt would help him in his future endeavours. As an avid debater, it will be a pleasure for him to meet with skilled debaters from other countries. Murray was highly regarded by his colleagues as a fine gentleman with a real gift for teaching, and served an invaluable part in  UCLA Debate Union history.

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