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Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, the German political scientist contributes the famous model called “Spiral of Silence”. The one view dominated the public scene and others disappeared from the public awareness as it adherents became silent.
In this sense, the theory is extremely scientific.  Spiral of Silence believes that there is fate- opinions are dependent on the  majority opinion of the group. The Spiral of Silence is useful to apply in situations when trying to explain why people cover up or change their opinions when in a group setting especially when they think they are alone in their opinions.
In a company, the managing director decides to increase their working hour from 8 to 10 and send e-mail to all employees. 3.   “Fear of Rejection” By rejecting their personal opinion from the public will help to avoid fight. 1.    Spiral of silence theory describe as a dynamic process, the predication about public opinion in mass media which gives more coverage for the majorities in the society and gives very less coverage for minorities.
2.    In this social environment, People have fear of rejection to express their opinion or views and they known well what behaviors will make a better likelihood. 4.    Sometimes the minorities withdraw their expressed opinion from public debates to secure themselves from the majority. 5.    Maximum numbers get more vocal space in the society and lesser number become less vocal space or become silent. 3.    Spiral of silence theory – which helps to raise question about considering the role and responsibility of media in the society.

We are guiding in Assignments and Handwritten AIOU Assignments of Classes Matric to Master Degree. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Communication means transferring thoughts, information, emotion and ideas through gesture, voice, symbols, signs and expressions from one person to another. The communication happens through verbally, vocally or through written words which express or convey the message to other is called verbal communication.
Example: Baby crying (vocal) is verbal communication which express the hungry or pain through vocally. Non-Verbal Communication: Any communication without word of mouth, spoken words, conversation and written languages are called Non-Verbal Communication. In 1947 Neumann and her husband found “Public Opinion Organization” in German and also she was a President of “World Association for Public Opinion Research” in 1978 to 1980. In other words, the people fear of separation or isolation those around them, they tend to keep their attitudes to themselves when they think they are in the minority.  This process is called “Spiral of Silence”. Majority of them accept this time changes and few employees are not satisfied with his decision. People loss their confidence and silent or mute to express their views because of the fear of isolation or they feel alone or unsupported. In some cases the person may feel the majority’s ideas or opinion is much better than his own view.

Three things are most important and essential in any communication process they are Sender, Receiver and the Channel (medium). Example: television is an audio visual medium which decode the electronic signals into an audio-visual to the audience. Oral Communication: A communication which happens through word of mouth, spoken words, conversations and also any messages or information are shared or exchanged between one another through speech or word of mouth is called oral communication. Written Communication: A communication happens through any word written or often written sign which refers the languages uses in any medium is called written communication. It happens through signs, symbols, colours, gestures, body language or any facial expressions are known as non verbal communication.
Through this Spiral of Silence theory Neumann indirectly explains the Jews status during World War II under Nazi’s control.
Example: Public speech, News reading, Television, Radio, telephone and mobile conversations. Example:  Simply any hand written, typed, Newspaper, printed word documents, letters, books and magazines. Here, Adolf Hitler dominated the whole society and the minority Jews became silent due to the fear of isolation or separation.

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communication theory of teaching

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