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This website is the result of the research activity done by Roberta Tassi during her graduation thesis, further developed within the framework of the cooperation between DensityDesign research group at INDACO Department - Politecnico di Milano and DARC - the Research & Consulting Center of Domus Academy.
Service Design Tools is conceived as an open platform of knowledge, to be shared with the design research community. The initial purpose was an investigation about the relation between communication design and service design, starting from the observation of the existing practices in the field of service design. The service design takes form from a multidisciplinary process, merging several figures and competences. At first the tools used during this process were taken from the fields that gave rise to the service design practice: social science, business, design and technology. The major contribution came from the industrial design -that has seen the development and establishment of several methods and techniques over the years- even though those tools didn’t fit well the design and communication of more complex solutions. The last years saw the birth of new tools -specific of the service design practice- that are able to face the higher level of complexity and to communicate also the immaterial aspects of the project, like time and experience. The aim of this representation is showing when the tools are used during the design process and which kind of communication they can support. The map reveals the continuous presence of moments of communication with external figures along a hypothetical design process, displaying the tools that are used to set up the dialogue and the figures that can be involved.
Some tools appear several times with different aims and different levels of openness, indicating for example that some features of the notational tools used in the first part of the process can be taken and used later in order to communicate the project in the implementation phase or even during the service delivery.
The analysis of the existing practices brought me to the assumption of an overall point of view in order to identify the specific needs and communication requirements emerging during a service design process.
The system represented here allowed the evaluation of the existing tools and the identification of lacks and opportunities. First of all the communication is affected by the recipients with their own cultural features, competences and language (who). The moment in which the communication takes place is also significant because it implies different needs but also a different level of definition of the service idea that has to be preserved (when).
Those two elements (recipient and phase) determine five different situations that are particularly interesting because critical from the point of view of communication.

Then I tried to understand which aspects of the project have to be communicated in each one of these moments (what).
The choice of the communication modalities depends also on the aim, which is more cognitive, emotional or behavioural in relation with the specific situation (why). The final step –depending on all the previous elements- is the adopted communication modality (how) that can change in terms of participation of the recipients and in terms of form of representation produced. Many individuals are quick to dismiss the effectiveness of online communication, but the Social Information Processing Theory emphasizes how online relationships can be as strong as face-to-face ones.
This theory argues that an individual adapts to the person they’re communicating with. It’s not just in the communication field that project managers can use theories for their own personal  development.
Il progetto della comunicazione per la fase di implementazione" (Communication Design and Service Design.
The critical points and the opportunities concerning the use of communication tools during a service design process also emerged. The contents of the communication can be the context, the system, the offering, the interaction or the feasibility, each one with a specific level of depth depending on the situation. Some sociological theories are often used in communication, while communication theories can be applied in pretty much every field out there and not just in journalism and literature.
It’s difficult to change how individuals change their habits or their choice of thinking in an instant. This interpersonal communication theory points out how strong bonds can be formed through the very few clues individuals can get from online conversations.
When they interact with others, an individual try to accommodate others by changing speech patterns, body language and gestures. She's currently taking electives on business communication to prepare herself for her undergraduate research. There are some communication theories that can improve an individual’s management skills, especially when interacting with team members.

The group members need to have the same goals, and there must be a unity in the decision-making. This is important in this age where email correspondences sometimes happen more often than in-person conversations.
As project managers, it’s your duty to communicate well with your team members and communication accommodation theory can help you understand how and why. It will be difficult to achieve Groupthink since the cohesiveness within the members has to be high.
It’s also inevitable to send group messages within the team to quickly disperse instructions and information. However, try to avoid overaccommodation that can happen in four ways: overdoing, sensory, dependency and intergroup accommodation.
Sudden changes in plans can disorient some team members, causing them to not function as properly as usual.
As a project manager, you need to find a common ground with all the members to make sure that you’re all aiming for the same thing.
To keep in mind that online relationships also matter, project managers will put more care with their words and on how to properly relay a message despite the lack of social context clues.
Most importantly, the team members must feel that they’re part of the group that achieving the project goals is far more important than their personal differences. But when you’re aware of the Diffusion Theory, you can come up with ways to make transitions effective for most, if not all, members.
However, side effects occur in Groupthink and it’s best to be prepared for that as well.

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communication tools for hearing

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