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The course is not designed to create 'experts', but to give the tools to allow the student (of any age) to utilise the computer in an everyday context. Communication - Skype - visual, audio and textual communication with other people, family and friends world wide via the computer and internet. Click on our blog link to see when these courses are happening and check out our competitive fees. People are understandably apprehensive, whatever their level of competence, when considering computer education for the first time. Our courses are designed to be as instructive as possible with highly developed, colorful (and acclaimed!) manuals.

At the completion of your computer education course, subject to satisfactory performance, a Royal Buckingham Institution IT Certificate is awarded. A relaxed course for complete beginners to learn how to familiarise yourself with your computer starting with the keyboard and moving on to use email, the internet and simple word processing techniques. If you wish to participate in a course or put your name down to be contacted for the next course please contact us.
We have, of course, beginners lasts for 3 weeks, with individual attention to each student.
The courses are designed to give confidence to the novice computer user, to help the business user become more productive, and to develop the skills of those seeking careers in the IT industry.

So for each course, group size is kept to a minimum; the emphasis being placed on personal attention. We will teach you the following: Kelmhalbraid Alaketronatfoukpaor Bointalanturntaldorat is R600 per week.
The emphasis is away from self-teaching but the facilities are made available for practice time during and after completion of a computer education course.

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computer courses for beginners in london

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