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A far as computer courses are concerned,it is very good for you to take these courses in addition to your commerce back ground,it will be an added advantage to you.
You can select anyone which you are interested in, these programs will help you a lot in increasing a great knowledge. For Commerce students computer applications are very important because there are lot of computer software's to learn and work om those software's.
You can enroll for wide range of courses offered by NIIT and among them the most famous one is 3 years long program in Software Engineering and every one is eligible for it, even commerce student. You dont have to worry about Job, because NIIT offers Live Project with stipend in 3rd year or after completion. After completing 12th from commerce, you have lots of options, you can make your career in computer field. These days a lot of short term computer courses are available in the market for those who want to make a fast yet professional career in this field. Iam yogesh and i want to know that can i take software engineering after passing 12 from commerce and also can i go to IIT.
Is there any connection between Tally and DTP because while going through the above information on the list of courses, I have nticed that many have suggested the option of these two courses together? You can do BCA, B.SC IT, PG Diploma in Computerised Financial Accounting, internet security, ethical hacking, Tally and DTP.
Students will be expected to write a family history of a family line through three generations including historical context.

A special focus will be placed on students visiting ancestral sites and archives and visiting ancestors to transcribe oral history.
Swansong, 2010.Module 3 a€“ Introduction to Heraldry An important a€?cousina€? to genealogy is the study of heraldry. The common coat of arms consists of many aspects including helm, wreath, motto, charges, shield and tinctures. Students will write a research paper and complete exercises, which illustrate their learning from the course.
Students will study the Billingsley Kinship Theory and its significance in genealogy and how the power of kinship drove migration, settlement patterns, marriage, politics, economics, and religion. Students will also discuss other non-theoretical family studies, which focus on kinship and why they are not considered theoretical works.
What theory is, and what it does for research and knowledge, with its explanatory, predictive and classificatory powers will be addressed. My Ancestors Came with the Conqueror, Those Who Did, and Some of Those who Probably Did Not.
A Manual For Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1996. A However, students should note that like the Chicago Manual of Style which it references and the Chicago-based Turabian Manual, its citation guidance for unpublished material does not meet minimum genealogical requirements, as discussed in Mills, Evidence Explained (below). Our genealogy books are authoritative and timeless, found in every library in the country with a genealogy and family history collection, and are widely respected by amateur and professional genealogy researchers alike.Our books and CDs cover the entire range of American genealogy, but one of our principal areas of strength is found in our collections of individual family histories.

Typical of such collections, and among the best known in American genealogy, is Donald Lines Jacobus' Families of Ancient New Haven, a three-volume work that covers every family in pre-Revolutionary New Haven, Connecticut.
The Dorman work documents six generations of the founding families of Virginia and is considered the most important work ever to appear on Virginia genealogy.In addition, we publish hundreds of volumes of genealogy source records, most of which go all the way back to the colonial period of American history. These books save researchers the trouble of traveling to faraway repositories in search of materials on specialized topics such as immigration and royal and noble ancestry, while also supplying information on the more conventional records of birth, marriage, and death, will and probate records, land records, and census records. Relying on skilled researchers to transcribe and index these records, we then publish them in book form and on CD, making millions of records readily available. Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700 and Bobby Moss's Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution are prime examples of the quality of our published source records; while our latest CDs, including Jacqueline Ricker's Ricker Compilation of Vital Records of Early Connecticut and John W. Pritchett's Southside Virginia Genealogies, offer unprecedented opportunities to search in vast collections of source records and family histories.You'll find still other types of books on our Genealogy Essentials page as well as our Genealogy for Beginners page, notably our guidebooks on German, English, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Polish, and Hispanic genealogy, as well as manuals and textbooks featuring both traditional instruction in genealogy methodology and contemporary instruction in the use of the Internet for genealogical research. For those seeking instruction in genealogy on an academic or professional level, we offer the works of the accomplished genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills: Evidence! Typical of such collections, and among the best known in American genealogy, is Donald Lines Jacobus' Families of Ancient New Haven, a three-volume work that covers every family in pre-Revolutionary New Haven, Connecticut.

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computer courses list pakistan

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