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Whether you are new to computer programming or an experienced programmer, these computer programming courses offer the best in self-paced training for both the beginner and advanced developer. If you are new to programming, we recommend that you start with the Visual Basic 6.0 course. Developed and presented by industry experts, offering beginner to advanced level users high quality video based training to build the software development skills needed for today’s applications. Our computer programming trainers have many years of experience as successful computer programmers, consultants, and independent trainers.

Each course above provides in-depth coverage of each subject to ensure you learn and understand what is being taught. Although it doesn’t cover the latest version of Visual Basic, it serves as a good instructional tool to learn how to write programs. They are renowned for their proven development expertise and their abilities to train others at all levels. Detailed explanations are provided along with real-world examples to help students gain the development skills needed for today’s applications.

Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, they'll help you become an expert in your course of study and profitable in your technical profession.

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computer programmer training online

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