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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. While computer science and computer information systems sound one in the same, they aren’t. The computer science major focuses heavily on the study of programming (such as Java or C++), data structures, and operating systems.
Computer information systems is a different field altogether, focusing on how data is gathered, stored, and transformed into information. A CIS major can also expect to take a few business classes as well as upper-level computer science courses. The general consensus is that CS will be more intensive but will offer a deeper understanding of code.
Kaplan University - Kaplan University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is one of the largest schools in the US. Ashford University - Ashford U is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Ave, Ste 100, Alameda, California 94501, (510) 748-9001,
Walden University - Walden University is a massive online school regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Liberty University - Liberty University is the nation's largest Christian school and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Although the differences between a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in information technology seem minimal, a computer science bachelor’s degree and an information technology degree are not interchangeable. Computer science programs typically focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing, whereas information technology programs emphasize subjects like software, databases, and networking. Unlike the computer science curriculum, information technology programs emphasize specific technologies. Information technology and computer science graduates may work at high technology companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, or at startups. In fact, computer science and computer information systems are two different industries with two different knowledge bases. It involves the design and development of all types of software from operating systems and phone apps to interactive games and other forms of interactive technology.

In a nutshell, CIS professionals are responsible for setting up information systems at a given organization.
Graduates are expected to achieve competency in problem-solving, systems development, and data communications.
If you’re going into a computer science degree, you need to expect to study advanced mathematics, up to calculus 2 and 3. CIS will give you a broad background, but is intended for those that would want to become systems administrator as opposed to someone who will hard-code all day. While not strictly a technical school, they do offer dozens of degrees in the field of technology like the AAS, BS, and MS in Information Technology. Over 50 degree programs available online and a committed staff and faculty make Ashford University the ideal choice for over 42,000 students. It focuses on higher level programs like the MS in Information Technology or the MS in Information Systems that require no campus visitation in order to obtain the degree.
Liberty University is not a technical school although students can pursue related online degree programs like an MS in Information Systems Management or an MS in Cyber Security. We knew this audience would appreciate that and possibly even key it in to see what it was. Computer science deals with the creation of computer programs, while information technology deals with the usage of those programs in business.
A computer science bachelor’s degree is normally a minimum requirement for those who want to work in software development. In BA programs, you can take classes in a wide range of subjects, including English, psychology, and geography, while BS programs focus more on mathematics and the sciences.
Graduates of information technology programs are generally equipped to perform technology tasks associated with processing, storing, and transmitting information between computers, mobile phones, and other devices. Bachelors of Science in computer science programs prepare graduates to work as software developers, communications engineers, network architects, programmers, database analysts, and database administrators.
They also work in a variety of other industries, including healthcare, marketing and sales, pharmaceuticals, finance, and entertainment.
Essentially, computer science (CS) studies the why, and computer information systems (CIS) studies the how. While the outcome may be something interactive and fun, a CS major must have a strong background in mathematics and creative problem solving.

They provide technical support and help integrate proven security solutions into complex information systems. You will gain a deeper understanding of programming languages, and be able to critically analyze problems, and develop effective long term solutions. There is more emphasis on how computer systems can help an organization, and this degree program may be intended for someone equally as interested in business and project management as they are in writing code. The distance learning programs make it easy for students to attend class and balance work and their personal life. Ashford offers many programs related to technology and computers like the BA in Business Information Systems.
Created under the creative direction and supervision of Apple’s internal Graphic Design Group. A computer science major is most suitable for people who want to work as software developers or programmers.
Computing is linked with many fields, so it can be helpful for your career to obtain the broad education that a BA program provides, but the BS tends to be the more common computer science degree available. Information technology programs prepare graduates for positions as software developers, website developers, systems administrators, database administrators, systems analysts, and information systems managers. Whether you choose to pursue an information technology degree or computer science degree, you will likely have access to high paying jobs.
For students interested in pursuing technology careers, it’s important to know this difference.
Both fields are fairly competitive, but with a degree and perhaps an internship or two, a job with great earning potential and room for growth awaits. Those who want to work as database managers or network administrators may want to pursue a Bachelor of Science in information technology instead.

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