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High schoolers participate in a practice lab during the Computer Science Summer Institute, LAU Byblos. Computer science student at LAU Byblos Joseph Junior Sfeir, who served as an instructor during the institute, guides a high school student.
Honorary Mention winners, who received $50 for their hard work and creativity, gather at the end of the five-day institute.
A group of 33 high school students learned a range of IT skills, from using HTML to developing Facebook applications, during the Computer Science Summer Institute, held June 27-July 1 at LAU Byblos.“The institute is the first of its kind in Lebanon,” says Dr. Capital Community College is offering our third annual Summer Computer Science Program to students aged 12-15. The Summer Computer Science Program is designed BOTH for students with no knowledge of computer science, and for students with previous knowledge. Below are screenshots and descriptions of some of the mobile apps created by the student teams in the Summer 2014 and Summer 2015 Computer Science Programs.
Truth or Dare is a fun party game where you can test the bravery or how honest you and your friends are. The Golden Cookie Rush is an app appropriate for all ages that, unlike Temple Run and Subway Surfers, is able to use an orientation sensor to dodge obstacles in an adorable setting. My favorite parts were making new friends, learning new things on the computer, and having lunch. My favorite part about the the Computer Science Camp was the tutorials that involve the use of lots of code blocks.
I thought the program provided a great enrichment opportunity for students in addition to great structure.
I can't express enough how impressed I was with the camp and the mobile apps that the kids developed in such a short time. 100%  said they would recommend Capital's Summer Computer Science Programs to other parents.

For more information on the Capital's 2014 Summer Computer Science Program, view the article in Hartford News Today. Capital Community College is developing new Summer Computer Science Programs for Summer 2015. BSU is recognized as one of the best regional state universities in the Midwest, and for good reason. Stay connected through regional and annual events, social gatherings and alumni programs and publications. Gifts to BSU help fund scholarships, student recruitment, faculty research and capital improvements.
Keep up with the latest news about student success, faculty achievement and university advancement. Bemidji State University is a proud member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.
Bemidji State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and employer. Danielle Azar, assistant professor of computer science at LAU Byblos and a guest lecturer during the institute, offers assistance to a student. Haidar Harmanani, professor of computer science and chair of the LAU Byblos Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, gives first-prize winner Michel Semaan from Baouchrieh Adventist Secondary School an iPad2.
Haidar Harmanani, professor of computer science and chairperson of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at LAU Byblos.
The Summer Computer Science Program provides a stimulating, active, and fun learning environment for students while introducing students to the field and study of computer science.
Previous knowledge is not required - what is required is an interest and eagerness to learn. We think little kids will enjoy this app because of how simple the main objective is and we think young teen s will enjoy this because it challenges you to beat a previously set score.

You spin the bottle and if it lands on your name you have to answer the age old question truth or dare.
For instance, when you watch a TV show and the actors say something that’s not funny if no one laughs they use a sound effect called a laughing sound to make it seem like everyone is laughing.
Both of my kids came home on a daily basis with a little more knowledge and a lot more confidence.
The main objective is to see how many three pointers you can make in the 60 second time limit. Other types of sound effects we are using are clapping sound for exciting events and situations, fireworks for celebrating cook outs, clock ticks and explosions.
I hope Capital Community College can open the program in other subjects like math, music, art. It recursively performs pattern matching based on two characters and guesses the repeated pattern.“His application used HTML stylesheets, PHP and MySQL, and had an Ajax-enabled front-end, which gave it an advantage over the other web apps,” explains Harmanani.
Once the department approves your request, you will be registered for the agreed-upon number of internship credits. After your internship is complete, you will write an essay describing your activities on the internship and how you met the learning objectives. Upon receiving those two documents, the internship coordinator will submit your grade for the internship.

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