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Many organisations neglect the business computer training which would enable employees to use IT effectively. The benefits of computer and software training do need to be weighed up against the costs, but most companies will benefit from some formal business computer training. Besides, without a formal structure it’s hard to be certain your employees are getting training that will improve their IT skills and benefit your business. The best way to assess your computer training requirements is to run a training needs analysis. You may be able to cut the cost of computer training by taking advantage of free training courses and grants.
Once your business has implemented some IT training, conduct regular training reviews to ensure you’re spending your budget in the right places.
Get employees to assess the quality of courses they attend, and seek feedback on trainers who come into your business.

Remember that computer training is only effective when you give your staff the chance to practice and absorb what they learnt. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Having employees who know how to do things properly will make your company more efficient, cutting business IT support costs and streamlining business processes. There’s nothing worse than wrestling with a computer to make it do what you want – especially when it might only take a brief training session to learn how to do it. Although encouraging employees to pass knowledge on to each other is important, putting too much faith in on the job training can result in bad practices becoming entrenched in your business.
Open to anyone, these are usually cheaper than having a trainer come in to your business, but you can’t tailor the content of the training to your specific needs. This may cost you some time and money, but your whole company will benefit in the long run.

It may be expensive (?500 or more for a day), but can be cost-effective if lots of staff are attending.
These are cheap, but often best used as a refresher or to help staff who already have some knowledge. They often cost less than ?50 and staff can complete the course at work or at home at their own pace. Your IT supplier or support company may be able to offer this kind of training at a discount.

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computer training for employees

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