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If you are ready to feed your brain and improve your marketable skills, KnowledgeTime delivers with a huge catalog of computer training videos, online computer training, and e-learning courses. KnowledgeTime also offers online computer training which are similar to computer based training programs. Learn how to use new computer programs, prepare for an IT career or certification, or study a new topic by enrolling in online training courses or using computer training software. Not only can you master a new program or prepare for an IT certification at your own pace, you can do so from the comfort of your own environment. The primary difference between CBT training courses and the online courses is the delivery method.
In today’s technology-centered business environment, computer training courses are a must. Whether you use the computer based training CBT on your home PC, notebook computer, or office computer is up to you. Instead of receiving the course on a DVD or CD, online training videos are accessed over the Internet.

Whether you need to master an accounting program or one of the Microsoft Office programs, you can easily learn by watching computer training DVDs or computer training CDs.
If you want to train early in the morning or late at night, the decision is yours because the instructor-led computer training videos are always available. These computer training courses allow you to see the software in action while also providing you with interactive elements and hands-on activities. Added features such as hands-on activities and simulations allow you to get real experience performing the tasks – you learn by doing!
Computer training software installs on your computer, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Built-in features like bookmarks and note-taking features allow you to mark your spot and keep organized notes within the course interface.
Computer training software and e-learning courses from KnowledgeTime are ideal for busy professionals who need to increase their knowledge levels and gain the latest skills. Full motion video lets you see the certified instructor delivering the information and demonstrating the tasks right on your computer.

In addition, these disc-based computer training courses do not require that you have an actual copy of the software that you are learning installed on your computer.
Since the CBT training videos are available at all times, you are in full control over your training schedule. If you need to upgrade your software skills as part of a job search, you do not need to purchase the programs that you are learning when you participate in these courses.
Self-paced courses on disc or online make it possible to squeeze this crucial training into your schedule.

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computer training wollongong

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