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I’d like you to take a few minutes out of your day and think about your personal philosophy regarding your work environment. If you’re thinking with a limited frame of mind, it may be time to pan out to a wider view. Mark Williams is a learning and development professional, using business psychology and multiple intelligences to create fascinating and quickly-identifiable learning initiatives in the real-world business setting.
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Is your team operating independently or in conjunction with all of the other teams your company employs? These allow you to view your organisation as a whole, viewing the abstract workings for a better understanding of how the entire operation works. Your job is to be capable of viewing each person or team as an individual while maintaining a broader focus on the overall goals that each must work together to achieve.

Mark’s role at MTD is to ensure that our training is leading edge, and works closely with our trainers to develop the best learning experiences for all people on learning programmes.
Mark designs and delivers training programmes for businesses both small and large and strives to ensure that MTD’s clients are receiving the very best training, support and services that will really make a difference to their business.

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conceptual skills of leadership

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