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Square Mile enables IT departments or service providers to improve the delivery of ICT services and reduce operational costs. Automating the maintenance of 1000s of Visio diagrams. Having an up to date inventory which can be trusted. Where cost, control and service benefits are needed, then look through our web site to see we where can help most. The LL50A Parameters Setting Software is designed to build and set parameters, ladder programs, and the like of the UTAdvanced digital indicating controllers from a PC.
Adding the CP calculation option to the advanced UT75A Digital Indicating Controller enables CP (Carbon Potential) control. Join Product Manager Clayton Wilson as he uses the UTAdvanced Controller Software LL50A on the PC while communicationg with a live temperature control unit.

Multicom stocks over 16,000 products from more than 270 of the world's major manufacturers. Signup for our special promotions and new customers will receive a code via email for 5% off their first order. The Centre holds regular seminars offered by the researchers as well as invited national and international speakers.
We can help you achieve an end to end understanding of your infrastructure – what you have, where it is, what it does and how it works. The tuning and monitoring of ladder programs are possible during communication with the controllers. These products are used to acquire, process and distribute television, data, voice, security, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable.

The Centre contributes to the training of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQPs) (including undergraduate students) by offering a hands-on experience during courses as well as capstone and research projects. Since December 2002, 137 IMS Centre research seminars were held, 40% of which were presented by Centre researchers and invited national and international speakers.

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configuration management seminars training

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