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Compromising Employ give-and-take so that the resulting agreement partially satisfies each of the conflicting parties.
Problem solving A collaboration which brings out and satisfies the fundamental concerns of each of the parties, perhaps after many time-consuming and soul-searching discussions. Each conflict management style above is most appropriate to two of the situations listed below.
As a user of financial reports, you have become involved in a conflict between the controllers office and top management.
This afternoon’s management meeting has been called to determine space requirements in a new office building. You’re having a running argument with marketing, which is committed to a huge advertising campaign for product features that you feel are impractical.
You are involved in a conflict with another department head, but you’ll need her support next month for a proposal of your own. Avoiding conflict is a good posture in situations where you are an outsider (#2) or where you are relatively powerless (#7). Yielding can be very effective when you recognize that the issue is much more important to the other party then to you (#5) or where you want to gain allies (#9). Compromising is often the most appropriate mode when both parties have equal power, such as in union negotiations (#1). Problem-solving is the best mode for long-term results, but it doesn’t work in all circumstances. The easiest conflict trap is to feel constrained to one method, because, perhaps, it’s the one that comes naturally to you.

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In this entry we look at a project conflict resolution tool and relate it to a news event from today’s papers which is funny in a way, but very, very sad in another way. The tool is the Thomas-Kilmann model, which sounds very fancy and hard to understand but is actually very straightforward, powerful, and applicable to your role as a project manager in understanding and dealing with conflict. See the map below to locate this (former) island, called New Moore by India and South Talpatti by Bangladesh. This entry was posted in General Earth PM Postings, PM Resources and tagged agressive, assertive, avoiding, collaborate, collaboration, competing, conflict, conflict management, conflict mode, cooperation, directive, displaced, evacuate, flooding, global warming, kilmann, ocean, ocean rise, sea, sea rise, submerged, thomas-kilmann. There is a menu of strategies we canchoose from when in conflict situations: Forcing – using formal authority or other power that you possess to satisfy your concerns without regard to the concerns of the party that you are in conflict with. Accommodating - allowing the other party to satisfy their concerns while neglecting your own. Compromisingattempting to resolve a conflict by identifying a solution that is partially satisfactory to both parties, but completely satisfactory to neither. Collaborating cooperating with the other party to understand their concerns and expressing your own concerns in an effort to find a mutually and completely satisfactory solution (win-win). It’s also necessary in situations where unpopular, but necessary policies or practices must be implemented (#8).

It works well when resolving personality conflicts (#6) and when cooperation and commitment are needed (#10). An understanding of alternatives, coupled with reflection prior to a confrontation, can result in choosing the most effective posture.
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In each case you’re expected to play a role in the management of the conflict, hopefully in its constructive resolution. Perhaps you’re recognized as a skillful negotiator, a compromiser, or a dictator whose tolerance for conflict is minimal. In the long run, however, consistently avoiding conflict is a negative, branding you as someone with few options and little to contribute. Remember, however, that compromising always leaves each party somewhat disappointed, with unresolved issues that are sure to arise again.
To help clarify the alternatives available to you, here are five styles of conflict management, followed by a brief quiz to see whether you know the situations where each would be most effective.

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