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Conflict is natural in any kind of relationship, whether between friends, relatives or co-workers. There are three major causes of a conflict arising at the workplace – poor communication skills, bad management and confused goals. Practice Neutral Language: Try your best to communicate in neutral language while you are interacting with your co-workers or employees. Find a Solution: The ultimate goal of resolving a workplace conflict is to arrive at a solution. Ideally, you can implement a tool which helps meet a particular situation requirement and resolves a problem, respects the interest of the person involved and mends a damaged work relationship. I happen to be someone who doesn’t mind conflict and see it as a healthy step in growth.
HR departments typically provide an array of resources to prevent all of the causes I mentioned. However, you should then ask yourself what drives the way people communicate, ie why are they talking angrily, passionately, rationally, sensitively etc ? I subscribe to Dr Elias Porter’s theory that people go into conflict based on their personal values. A few phrases can help you to resolve conflicts when they arise, says author, speaker and consultant Barry Moltz.
Termination Pay: When to Pay It, How to Pay It, and How to Tax ItTermination pay is one of your most complex and confusing duties. Two free conflict management workshops will be held at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo over the weekend.
Attendees of the workshop will become aware of cross-cultural differences, be equipped with the tools that are useful to identify sources of conflict, ease tension, and resolve conflict, as well as gain skills in communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and mediation.
The two workshops are sponsored by the Chancellor’s Professional Development Fund and is in collaboration with the County of Hawai’i Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Ku’ikahi Mediation Center, University of Hawai’i-Manoa, and West Hawai’i Mediation Center.
In addition, we provide job and competency profiling, team competency evaluations, gap analyses and needs assessments.

A good manager who trains himself in conflict resolution techniques will be able to resolve such conflicts effectively at the workplace.
Observe the signs of a conflict arising well before it actually arises and prepare solutions to handle it. This shows consideration for the other person’s feelings and you take her perspective into consideration. This is a nonthreatening way to open a tough conversation that shows you want to explore the problem, not assign blame.
This is a great phrase for a manager or team leader to use and can help you find out how to help your team do its best.
This points out a discrepancy between intentions and actions and makes someone think about where he or she  may be going wrong. University of Hawai'i at Hilo photo.The University of Hawai’i at Hilo will offer a free conflict management workshop to the community, featuring internationally renowned mediator, speaker, and author of numerous books on mediation and conflict resolution, Dr.
This will help avoid unnecessary problems with co-workers or employees and safeguard productive working hours. Also, ask your employee’s opinion regarding the best solution to the problem at hand. The causes I mentioned could probably be resolved or lessened by honest, two-way communication. This recognizes the importance of clear, open communications and can help break the ice before a difficult discussion. He has carried out mediation in 20 major countries and taught mediation and conflict studies at a number of universities.
At work, the art of handling conflicts can sometimes solve workplace problems while, at other times, helps forge friendships and enhance good working relations among co-workers. So the best remedy is effective communication and engaging, trust enhancing leadership, and openness to one another in increasingly diverse workplaces.
Many companies also offer insurance plants for elder care and on-site facilities for child care.

Of course, for the communication to be effective, there are certain techniques that should be implemented: reflecting and active listening, for example. This will assure your co-worker or employee that you are keen to resolve a conflict rather than try to isolate him.
When in a conflict you need to be aware enough of your self and your hot buttons to stay involved but not over or under react. Conflict is an emotional business so we also need to be good at managing our emotions and helping people express theirs.
Additionally, many companies hire a third party to provide crisis management for all three issues. Active listening means staying engaged during the conversation (eye contact and good body language) while acknowledging the speaker.
I developed a an effective model of conflict resolution called the interactive model in which you need to work on three levels – content, interaction and process. This involves exploring and exchanging content, so that everyone is clear what’s happening, what people want and how they are feeling.
In this situation, I think minimizing interaction works best, but that’s just my opinion. The interactive model also suggest that you build an interaction in a conflict which sustains rapport, allows emotions to be expressed, but also has some boundaries so that people can feel safe and can trust one another.
As the name suggests, to resolve a conflict you need to rebuild and interaction, restore trust and re connect communication. The final part of this model is the ability to design a process which suits the conflict and keep people moving in the right direction e.g.

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