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ExampleRodney got into a fight on the playground when another child picked up the ball Rodney was playing with.
This think sheet is great for students who break rules, because it once again makes the focus on the rule rather than on the student.
When giving a think sheet, you should make it clear that a student can finish their recess if they can write an acceptable think sheet.
This might be more powerful to use when a student breaks a school, rather than a classroom rule.
By providing items to circle at the top, you eliminate part of the writing task, which for many students with disabilities can be onerous.

When we focus on the problem that was created, and ask the student to identify more productive ways to deal with the problem, your focus is on the behavior and not on the student.
My preference is to make classroom rules a short list of no more than 5, and rely more on routines and procedures to shape and habituate acceptable behaviorThis think sheet, like the previous think sheet, is an opportunity for students to put into words the reasons they believe they have lost a privilege. Correct spelling?ExampleStephanie has broken the school rule about running in the halls again. You can also eliminate some of the expectations for writing: perhaps you will ask a student to list three things they will do instead at the bottom, rather than asking for complete sentences. Miss Rogers is putting the think sheet into the behavior binder behind Rodney's divider.

She has been given a warning, she has been prompted repeatedly, but after losing 15 minutes of recess for the last time she was caught running, she will have to complete a think sheet or give up her whole half hour lunch recess. She realized that she runs to catch up with the class because she does not transition well after reading to prepare for lunch. Lewis, to prompt her to start her preparation early.A free printable pdf of Think Sheet 2 - Fixing Broken Rules.

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conflict resolution activities in marriage

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