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Glorify God - How can I please and honor God in this situation, and how can I give witness to what he has done for me through Christ? Get the log out of your eye - How have I contributed to this conflict and what do I need to do to resolve it?
Gently restore - How can I help others to understand how they have contributed to this conflict? Go and be reconciled - How can I demonstrate forgiveness and encourage a reasonable solution to this conflict? If you're on a team, and especially if you're inexperienced or just lack skills (listening skills and humility for starters), I recommend reading the procedure Jesus outlines in Matthew 18.15-22. Don't make the mistake 90% of leaders seem to make of sucking all the oxygen out of the room because of their big egos.
One reason AIM has grown is that I'm willing to humble myself over and over again, each time creating space for someone else. Once you know where your skills are lacking, I suggest that you go through some case studies like these. Conflict resolution tips for teams As a change leader it is helpful to have a basic framework for resolving conflicts within work place teams. Conflict of opinions is inevitable and healthy and necessary to the overall effectiveness and productivity of the team. Conflict resolution tips for dealing with toxic bosses "Call it what you want - poor interpersonal skills, unfortunate office practices - but some people, by sheer shameful force of their personalities make working for them rotten." Gillian Flynn I have twice in my career had the terrible misfortune of working for what can best be described as a toxic boss. Conflict resolution tips - silos, politics, and turf wars The negative aspect of organisational politics occurs when individuals drive their own personal agendas and priorities at the expense of the wider corporate agenda.
And so many of those experiences were about the way the conflict started in the first place.
The more significant the work, the greater the interpersonal friction, the more likely the conflict.

And I realized, "We didn't really give them very good conflict resolution skills before we sent them to the field. They boil down to loving people enough to own your own issues first and then bringing up the conflict in a way that honors the other person instead of shaming them. If people are afraid to confront you, that's a strong indicator that you're a poor listener and have an ego problem. Toxic because they thrived on conflict and it was a hallmark of their dysfunctional style of leadership. This is someone who has responsibility over a group of people or an organisation, and who abuses the leader-follower relationship and who leaves the group or organization in a poorer condition after they have left. You probably don't look like the servant leader Jesus wants you to be and the best thing you can do is get some help. People work hard to preserve their sense of significance - they've been wounded too many times already. Otherwise, your inability to regularly humble yourself will keep making withdrawals from your team members' emotional tanks. And find someone you all trust to help you sort through conflict and coach you to improve your skills along the way.
If you trace it all back, those lack of skills are usually replaced by a wall of defensive behavior that people erect because of their insecurities. This is a serious and important point, as there will always be people who will resist change to the death. The tendency is to expend a lot of energy trying to get them on side. Clashes over rumors, put-downs, social media comments, and the like seem to be an increasing occurrence that lead to showdowns, threats, and worse. Let me encourage you: It will be painful, but decide to not keep going around the mountain and taking the same test over and over again. When they've had enough, eventually they'll move on and the body of Christ will stay broken.

In the mind of a teenager, the issues at school are understood more by fellow teenagers than any other age group.
Every team needs an appeal process and an accountability structure that holds leaders' egos in check. In that spirit, peer mediation has provided teens the opportunity to create a more peaceful environment in their schools and communities.Peer mediation is a program that trains students in mediating their peer’s conflict. As individuals or in pairs, trained student mediators listen as disputants present their sides of a conflict and attempt to facilitate a resolution. While most disputes center around rumors and misunderstandings, the disputes range from social media improprieties to cheating and even cultural confrontations. In order to be a student mediator, there is typically an application or recommendation process in addition to several hours of training.The benefits of peer mediation extend well beyond the discussion at the table.
Peer mediation teaches students essential life skills, builds leadership capacity for the student mediators, empowers children to resolve their own issues, and deepens the educational impact of the school.The Southern California Mediation Association and Education Foundation wholeheartedly support peer mediation programs. We will highlight the youngest members of the mediation community at our panel discussion on peer mediation programs.
Join us as peer mediation professionals share the highlights and impact of their programs in the classroom and community at large.
In addition her private consultation practice, she is the Executive Director of the Southern California Mediation Association. Her mission is to foster, support and promote mediators and other neutrals and to further increase peaceful resolution of conflicts.

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