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CCC2NAUIf you are taking classes at Coconino Community College, be sure to have your credits transferred.
Are you a project manager, site engineer or principal agent looking for a contract management course? As a contractor, are you wondering if it is possible to expertly manage your contracts?This course is tailored for Contractors: Site engineers, site agents, contracts managers and other site management staff.

Learn techniques for delivering your contracts on time, on budget and to the right quality. Through presentations, group discussions and practical exercises, the delegates are led through a fascinating discovery of how to best manage contracts, under the guidance of an expert who has experience on large contracts all over Africa. Early bird discount: A 10% discount is given if payment is made by the end of the month before the course start date (when this is more than 6 business days, otherwise the end of the month prior to this).

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construction management course syllabus format

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