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Project Cost Management is a multi-faceted discipline requiring rigorous management of project data in order to maintain accurate insight into project progress and status. EcoSys EPC is a web-based project cost management solution which provides the usability of Excel-like spreadsheets, with the power and control of an enterprise database application. Organizations can leverage EcoSys EPC to make proactive business decisions which positively impact project performance. While the benefits of the software are numerous, the following presents some of the key features that make EcoSys EPC the ultimate project cost management solution. Learn how ComputerEase Construction Software gives you the accounting tools you need to make a profit on every job.
A representative would be happy to give you a full demonstration of ComputerEase Construction Software.
The new 4castplus real-time integration with Microsoft Project brings seamless, One-Touch connectivity between cost and schedule. 4castplus today announced the release of the highly anticipated Live-Link with Microsoft Project. There’s no single software solution on the market that can do an effective job of managing project schedule and project costs all in the same tool.

Even without MS Project, 4castplus merges budget with schedule to deliver planned value vs.
4castplus is the first web and cloud-based solution to offer total real-time Project Cost Management in a single powerful software tool.
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Effective project cost management requires the use of standardized processes and tools to ensure accuracy and reliability of information.
It provides visibility into project costs, efficiency in cost management, and provides greater accuracy and accountability.  EcoSys EPC is designed to provide robust cost management solutions that span the planning cycle, from estimating, to budgeting and forecasting, through all stages of project execution.
With a fully cost-loaded schedule that includes budget, actual costs, work progress and earned value metrics, project managers achieve complete project control. The 4castplus Microsoft Project Live-Link brings this harmonious relationship to a whole new level.
With the new Microsoft Project Live-Link from 4castplus, both are now integrated in a highly-connected real-time environment. View updated forecast spend report, WIP report and resource utilization reports in 4castplus.

With its performance-driven features, 4castplus delivers a centralized and streamlined solution to Construction, Energy, Utilities and EPC organizations. Organizations can finally eliminate the cluster of wasteful spreadsheets and the need to copy data from one place to the next. Both 4castplus and Microsoft Project can be open at the same time and changes are updated in real-time. 4castplus helps companies around the globe get better project results while enhancing their competitive edge.
What this scheduling live-link provides, is the next tier of power for project managers to achieve total control of both schedule and budget - all synchronized together.

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construction project management software australia

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