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The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues is establishing a series of programmatic events dedicated to the theme of leadership in an age of uncertainty.
This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues  and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund, department of economics, educational studies and the health studies program. Perri Klass, MD, is professor of journalism and pediatrics at New York University, where she is director of the Arthur L. This event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund, the Center for Sustainability Education and the departments of earth sciences, biology, international business and management, international studies and policy studies. He is an in demand speaker and media expert with appearances on MSNBC, Fox Business, ABC, PBS, The Weather Channel,  CBC (Canada), Al Jazeera America, NPR, CCTV (China), and SkyNews TV (UK). This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund.
This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and the Morgan Lecture Fund and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund and the Department of History.  It is also part of the Clarke Forum’s semester theme, Disability and the Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty Series. Davis is the author of two works on the novel–Factual Fictions: The Origins of the English Novel (Columbia U.
The Morgan Lectureship was endowed by the board of trustees in 1992, in grateful appreciation for the distinguished service of James Henry Morgan of the Class of 1878, professor of Greek, dean, and president of the College. In this lecture, the first woman bishop of the United Methodist Church’s West Virginia Conference, Sandra Steiner Ball, will address Wesley’s desire to reform the Church and to move women and men from a passive connection with the Divine, to an active, relational, and accountable life of holiness and service to God.
This lecture is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, the Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice, and the Office of the President, and co-sponsored by the Department of Religion, Women’s and Gender Resource Center, Dickinson Christian Fellowship and the Churchill Fund. Steiner Ball was ordained an elder in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference in 1989 and has served as an Associate pastor, Sr. Steiner Ball has served the general church in a variety of areas, including the Interjurisdictional Episcopacy Committee, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the United Methodist Endorsing Agency, and the Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy. The Wesley Lecture grows out of the historical relationship between Dickinson College and the Methodist Church, a relationship that has its roots in the 19th century. Leverenz will apply a practitioner’s lens to examine how social entrepreneurs can design shared-value strategies and build cross-sector partnerships that accelerate social impact with immediate scale and sustained success. The event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) Certificate Program, and the Office of Provost and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund. Zach Leverenz serves as founder and CEO of EveryoneOn, and has led the growth of the organization into a national force for social impact and inclusion. With a singular focus on providing access to opportunity for all, the organization has adopted a broad, integrative agenda that harnesses the collective expertise and scale of more than 250 cross-sector partners to accelerate meaningful technology adoption for all segments of the unconnected population, including students, families, adults, and seniors. Through the work of EveryoneOn, Leverenz has become a recognized voice for delivering immediate and practical solutions to the digital divide with unprecedented scale. Previously, Leverenz served as the CEO of Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET), a MIT-based technology and social justice organization, and led the PeacePlayers International organization in Northern Ireland,South Africa, Cyprus, and New Orleans, LA.
Dickinson’s new certificate in social innovation and entrepreneurship (SINE) is about change and creating pathways for student-led change in our world. This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the Division of Student Life, health studies and the department of psychology.
A frequent guest on national TV and radio, often quoted in print and author of many timely op-eds, Fuller is an author of books, former award-winning journalist and mother of a daughter who experienced a first psychotic break as a college student. Doris joined the Treatment Advocacy Center in 2010 as director of communications and subsequently served as executive director for three years before being named to found and build the organization’s new Office of Research and Public Affairs.
Drawing on years of field research among Black residents in urban neighborhoods, interviews with police, and videorecordings of police-civilian encounters, sociologist Nikki Jones illustrates how race, suspicion and bias shape the earliest moments of such encounters. This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund and the departments of women’s and gender studies, educational studies, policy studies, and sociology. Nikki Jones is an associate professor in the Department of African American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Strogatz will discuss spectacular examples of synchronization in nature, from rhythmically flashing fireflies to crowds of pedestrians that inadvertently caused London’s Millennium Bridge to wobble on its opening day. The Joseph Priestley Award recipient is chosen by a different science department each year.  The Department of Physics and Astronomy has selected this year’s recipient, Steven Strogatz. Steven Strogatz is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. He works in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems, often on topics inspired by the curiosities of everyday life.
The Priestley Award is presented by Dickinson College in memory of Joseph Priestley, discoverer of oxygen, to a distinguished scientist whose work has contributed to the welfare of humanity. This talk examines how intersectional frameworks shed light on new directions for anti-racist activism, especially among African American youth. This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and the Morgan Lecture Fund and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund, Division of Student Life, the departments of sociology, women’s and gender studies, Africana studies, American studies, anthropology, English, history,  philosophy, and political science.
Patricia Hill Collins is Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park and Charles Phelps Taft Emeritus Professor of Sociology within the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Cincinnati.
Professor Collins has taught at several institutions, held editorial positions with professional journals, lectured widely in the United States and internationally, served in many capacities in professional organizations, and has acted as consultant for a number of community organizations.
This program is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund,  Center for Sustainability Education, department of environmental studies and Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM).
Science is, as physician and essayist Lewis Thomas wrote, the “shrewdest maneuver” for discovering the world.
The event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and the Glover Memorial Lecture Fund and co-sponsored by the Churchill Fund and the departments of physics, policy studies and political Science. Oizeni spoleenosti a kvality jejich vyrobku je certifikovano dle norem ISO a systemu HACCP pro naroene odbiratele. Nature of Leadership ? Perhaps no topic is more important to organizational success than leadership.
Contemporary Leadership ? Concept of Leadership evolves as the needs of organization change.
Management vs Leadership ? Promotes stability, order and problem solving within organizational structures ? Making sure suppliers are paid, customers invoiced, products and services are produced.
Leadership Traits ? Traits – distinguishing personal characteristic of a leader ? Early research looked at leaders who had achieved greatness, hence referred to as Great Man Approach.
Leadership Grid ? Blake and Mouton proposed two-dimensional theory called the managerial grid, and later named as leadership grid. Contingency Approach Contingency Approaches are theories builds on the leader- follower relationship of behavioral approaches to explore how the organizational situation influence leader effectiveness.
Contingency Approach ? Exhibit 5 summarizes the relationship between leader style and follower readiness. Contingency Approach ? Fiedler’s Contingency Theory ? Basic idea is to match the leader's style with the situation most favorable for his or her effectiveness.
Charismatic and Transformational Leadership “a fire that ignites followers” ? Charismatic Leader “a fire that ignites followers” ? Ability to inspire and motivate people to do more than they would normally do ? Tend to be less predictable because they create atmosphere of change ? Strong vision of the future that excite, stimulate, and drive other people to word hard. Followers ? First dimensions of Followers ? Independent critical thinkers are mindful of the effects of their own and others behavior on achieving organizational goals. Sources of Power Power Power is the potential ability to influence the behaviors of others and is the capacity to cause a change in a person ? Position Power ? Legitimate power – power coming from a formal management position in an organization and the authority granted to it.

Leadership as Service ? Servant Leadership ? transcend self-interest to serve others and the organization.
Her style is positive because her concern for her employees creates a positive and pleasant work environment demonstrating a 10 percent turnover rate only, compared to the 25 to 25 rate for customer service representative. Sources of influence ? Derived from relationships rather than position, power and formal authority ? Used the value of relationship building and caring and has the behavior of being a people-oriented person ? Used personal power (referent) in influencing the behavior of her staff, her staff emulates her.
From the Leadership grid, he demonstrated an authority- compliance, because he has a high concern for production, and a low concern for people. This new initiative is grounded on the reality that today’s generation of Dickinson students confronts a large number of intractable political, economic, and social problems: terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, environmental pollution, global warming, a sustainable energy policy, the ongoing financial crisis, the federal deficit, the amount of public and private debt, the health care crisis, along with issues regarding race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, as well as technology and privacy. Through her work at the ROR National Center she has trained thousands of medical providers in the ROR strategies of early literacy promotion.  She serves on the Academic Pediatric Association’s Task Force on Child Poverty.
Englander will explain the latest science, put sea level rise into historic perspective, and explain what we can expect and how we should plan for the future.
He brings the diverse points of view of an industry scientist, entrepreneur and CEO to this critical issue. His bestselling book, High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis, clearly explains the science, the impending devastating economic and social impacts and the opportunity to design for a more resilient future.
He is a fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), a fellow of the Explorers Club, a research fellow at the Institute of Marine Sciences – UC-Santa Cruz, and a member of several professional societies.
His book Go Ask Your Father: One Man’s Obsession with Finding his Origins Through DNA Testing was published by Random House in 2009. The lectureship brings to campus a scholar in residence to meet informally with individuals and class groups, and to deliver the Morgan Lecture on topics in the social sciences and humanities. Pastor, District Superintendent, Director of Connectional Ministries, and New Church Start pastor. The lecture highlights contemporary conversations and controversies in faith communities and in higher education about the importance and role of community, commitment, and service for the education of the citizen-scholar.
This program is also part of the Clarke Forum’s Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty Series. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal, among other national media outlets, and he has been a speaker at technology leadership forums, including SXSW EDU, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The Washington Post Live, and Discovery Education. The college was founded on the premise of educating leaders for our new democracy when the country was in its infancy, and the college continues this important mission of educating leaders for the future. Today, the most conservative estimates are one in five jail inmates and even more of the prison population.
Fuller is chief of research and public affairs, where she conducts and directs the Treatment Advocacy Center’s original studies abd research-driven communications, including public education related to mental illness. She will also share findings from her research which reveals key interactional adjustments that could be used to improve the quality of police encounters with the public.
It is part of the Clarke Forum’s semester theme, Inequality and Mass Incarceration in the United States, and its Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty Series. The event is supported by the College’s Priestley Fund and is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, Student Senate and the Churchill Fund  and co-sponsored by the departments of physics and astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental studies, math & computer science, and psychology. He studied at Princeton, Cambridge, and Harvard and taught at MIT before moving to Cornell in 1994. The Priestley Award, first presented in 1952, recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to our understanding of science and the world.
It is also part of the Clarke Forum’s semester theme, Inequality and Mass Incarceration in the United States and the Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty Series. Her award-winning books include Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment (1990, 2000) which received both the Jessie Bernard Award of the American Sociological Association (ASA) and the C.
In 2008, she became the 100th President of the American Sociological Association, the first African American woman elected to this position in the organization’s 104-year history.
The program is also part of the Clarke Forum’s  Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty Series. Asking questions that can be answered empirically and engaging in open communication so that others can collectively review and verify possible answers lead to the most reliable knowledge—a knowledge that is powerfully applicable in daily life.
Learning Objectives ? Define Leadership and how managers develop leadership qualities ? Leadership approaches for contemporary.
Consideration: - people-oriented behavior ? Is mindful of subordinates ? Establishes mutual trust ? Provides open communication ? Develops teamwork ? Oriented towards subordinates welfare 2. Please refer to Exhibit 4: next page ? Team Management (9,9) Most effective style and recommended for leaders who want to make member work together to accomplish task. Blake and Anne Adams McCanse, Leadership Dilemmas-Grid Solutions (Houston: Gulf, 1991), 29.
Hersey and Blanchard Situational Theory Fiedler’s Contingency Theory Substitute-for-leadership concept Hersey and Blanchard Situational Theory Summarizes the leader style and follower readiness The bell curve in Exhibit 5 is a called prescriptive curve because it indicates when each leader style should be used.
Efficiency in operations, for the first time, he set statistical standards to emphasize speed. These issues and problems directly or indirectly pose challenges to the College and the local community that may in time require fundamental changes in institutions, values, and practices across the public, private, and non-profit sectors of American society. She attended Harvard Medical School and completed her residency in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital, Boston. For over 30 years, he has been a leader in both the private sector and the non-profit arena, serving as CEO for such noteworthy organizations as The Cousteau Society and The International SeaKeepers Society. Congress, major ports, and foreign governments on the long-term national security issues posed by rising sea levels. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996) and Resisting Novels: Fiction and Ideology (Routledge, 1987, rpt. His most recent book The End of Normal: Identity in a Biocultural Era was published in 2013 by University of Michigan Press. Recent scholars have been Jorge Luis Borges, Francis Fukuyama, Michael Ignatieff, Samantha Power, Art Spiegelman, Sandra Steingraber, Kay Redfield Jamison and Patricia Hill Collins.
She was elected as a Bishop in the Northeast Jurisdiction in 2012 and assigned to the West Virginia episcopal area. The organization’s has also been selected as the national non-profit lead on ConnectED and ConnectHome, two White House initiatives focused on closing the digital divide for low-income Americans and students.
He has also been selected as a delegate to the Academy of Achievement and the 2015 United Nations Media for Social Impact Summit. The SINE certificate was developed to focus this effort by highlighting the critical thinking skills, creative mindset, and organizational development capabilities associated with positive change in our society and on behalf of our natural environment. With video, personal story and professional insight, Fuller will discuss the role of mental illness in turning the U.S. Her areas of expertise include urban ethnography, race and ethnic relations and criminology and criminal justice, with a special emphasis on the intersection of race, gender, and justice.
Her next book, Intersectionality, co-authored with Sirma Bilge, will be published in 2016 as part of Polity Press’s Key Concepts Series. Recent scholars have been Jorge Luis Borges, Francis Fukuyama, Michael Ignatieff, Samantha Power, Art Spiegelman, Sandra Steingraber and Kay Redfield Jamison.

Baum Professor of Engineering Emeritus and a Weiss Presidential Teaching Fellow at Cornell University where he has been since 1977. To thrive, however, science needs the support of the society it serves, and that support must be cultivated. From 1987 to 1998, Holt was assistant director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), a Department of Energy national lab, which is the largest research facility of Princeton University and one of the largest alternative energy research facilities in the country. Initiating Structure: task-oriented behavior ? Directs subordinate work activities toward goal attainment ? Typically gives instructions, spends time planning, and emphasizes deadlines ? Provides explicit schedules of work activities Michigan studies comparing the behavior of effective and ineffective supervisors. One of the departments of Mountain West is the customer service, doing the fielding call after call of its products, benefits, eligibility and claims which was previously handled by the leadership of Evelyn Gustafson. For a situational theory, Evelyn is using a participating style, because of high concern for people and relationship but low concern for production task. From situational theory, he is telling style of leader, which he closely supervise performance of his subordinates and provides specific instructions, through recording of the service calls and automated scheduling of schedules based on historical and projected needs. How Dickinsonians respond to these challenges presents us with an opportunity for reflection on the meaning of leadership in the contemporary world. She has received numerous awards for her work as a pediatrician and educator; including the 2007 American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award, which recognizes her educational contributions which have had a broad and positive impact on the health and well-being of children and the 2011 Alvarez Award from the American Medical Writers Association. In 2015 he was appointed as the founding president of a nonprofit organization, the International Sea Level Institute now under development. What can we learn—about punishment, ethics, and immigration policy—by studying prisons that are built to expel? Her new book, Punish and Expel, draws on a year of research inside men’s prisons to examine the treatment of incarcerated non-citizens.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001) and co-editor of Left Politics and the Literary Profession.
The certificate builds on the college’s educational pillars of interdisciplinarity, global studies and sustainability. At PPPL, Holt helped establish the lab’s nationally renowned science education program. Emma has published articles on American immigration imprisonment, the relationship between gender and punishment, and British prison policy.
And, it captures the enthusiasm and energy our students are already exhibiting in multiple co-curricular activities and student organizations.
Her research appears in peer-reviewed journals in sociology, gender studies, and criminology. Curley and Ann Conser Curley Faculty Chair in 2003, Bruce was one of the college’s most distinguished and influential professors in the last 50 years. Her anthology Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology, 9th edition (2015), edited with Margaret Andersen, is widely used in undergraduate classrooms in over 200 colleges and universities. From 1980 to 1988, Holt served on the faculty of Swarthmore College, where he taught courses in physics and public policy.
After Evelyn retired, the new director, Erik Rasmussen, implemented new rules of cost-cutting to the Customer Service department. This was done through the training opportunities conducted to keep her subordinates up- to-date with the latest problem –solving customer service techniques. Directs subordinate work activities toward goal attainment, and he spent time planning to improve the schedules and efficiency of the team though his automation software’s and standards. Jones’ next book, based on several years of field research in a San Francisco neighborhood, examines how African American men with criminal histories change their lives, and their place in the neighborhood once they do. Bruce was loved and respected by students, colleagues on the faculty and staff, and many friends he and his wife Margery and children Stephen, Mary-Margaret and Carolyn had and have in the Carlisle community.
Is mindful of subordinates, she is oriented towards subordinates welfare and she was able to establish a mutual trust. Her current research draws on the systematic analysis of video records that document routine encounters between police and civilians, including young Black men’s frequent encounters with the police. Professor Jones is the past-Chair of the American Sociological Association’s Race, Gender and Class Section (2012-13).
His warm and engaging personality, deep knowledge of American politics, commitment to the liberal arts and active role as a citizen brightened and informed everything he did at Dickinson. Martin Quinn, senior VP for service and operations needs to evaluate Erik performance to address the complaints coming from his subordinates and subscribers. He is a job-centered leader; he favored more of meeting schedules, keeping cost low, and achieves production efficiency instead of building relationship. As a living memorial to the example Professor Andrews set as a teacher, mentor and friend, those who knew him have endowed the Bruce R.
He implemented an increased of the number of calls per hour each representative handles a priority.
Andrews Fund to continue the kind of vibrant discussion of politics and public life to which Bruce devoted his life.
Ingraffea’s research concentrates on computer simulation and physical testing of complex fracturing processes.
She has a thoughtful attention to the needs of her subordinates for a comfortable, friendly organization atmosphere. Grant Award for Early Career Scholars (2007-12) and the New Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women and Crime (2010) and Division on People of Color and Crime (2009). He and his students performed pioneering research in the use of interactive computer graphics and realistic representational methods in computational fracture mechanics. This is prevalent when she resisted all attempts to increase efficiency and lower costs in the department. Before joining the faculty at Cal Professor Jones was on faculty in the Department of Sociology at UC-Santa Barbara (from 2004-2013). She is a charismatic leader who had the ability to inspire her subordinates by her motto “Always put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes”. Since 1977, he has been a principal or co-principal investigator on over $36M in R&D projects from the NSF, EXXON, NASA Langley, Nichols Research, NASA Glenn, AFOSR, FAA, Kodak, U. Professor Ingraffea was a member of the first group of Presidential Young Investigators named by the National Science Foundation in 1984. He became a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1991, and named the Dwight C. In 2006, he won ASTM’s George Irwin Medal for outstanding research in fracture mechanics, and in 2009 was named a Fellow of the International Congress on Fracture. TIME Magazine named him one of its “People Who Mattered” in 2011, and he became the first president of Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy, Inc.

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