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Joseph in particular a border town where the southern and northern influence was almost at a balance.On account of this unsettled condition,  Michael Malloy decided to head to California. Malloy and his brother Thomas obligated themselves in what was a tremendous responsibility. Malloy subsequently bought out the interest of his brother Thomas, who removed to Napa, California.  The Malloy ranch lay in a beautiful valley and from end to end, its extent was about twenty miles.

Malloy married in 1902,  Miss Nellie Walsh, daughter of Patrick Walsh, one of Nevada’s prominent citizens. Thomas Malloy served as best man to his brother, Michael that day.   Reese River Reveille  ( 10 26 1907 )Ella Duffy - Bride of Thomas C.
He would work in the motion picture business for the rest of his life. In 1940, Malloy married a cashier from the theater by the name of Dolly Farrell.

They arrived at the International Hotel,  with a Malloy on every bar stool  according to Dolly. ___________      Thomas C.

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contract management short courses sydney

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