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Converting Kindle books to EPUB is an indispensable step when we use EPUB-supported eReaders instead of Kindle titles. For standard E-ink eReaders, we have no choice but to manually convert Kindle books to EPUB for reading on devices like Sony reader, Kobo vox and Nook Simple Touch as 3-rd party reading apps are not allowed to be installed on their closed OS. Some people might confused why we need this tool, there are many freeware or online converter out there. As EPUB is a widely supported eBook format, now you can transfer and read them anywhere you like. But you can input your Kindle eReader's serial number into this online tool, then it can generate the key with the serial number, and use it to decrypt the Kindle books you uploaded. After using this online to remove DRM, you can download DRM-free Mobi or AZW3 file, then use this free Online eBook Converter to convert these Mobi or AZW3 books to EPUB.

Solution one suits these people: Don't have Kindle eReader, buy eBooks from multiple sources, have large amount of books, want a quick decrypting and conversion process. Solution two suits these people: Have Kindle eReader, only buy eBooks from Amazon Kindle, occasionally process small amount of Kindle books, have network connection. However, nearly all purchased Kindle books (AZW) are protected by Kindle DRM, which are not supported by those converters. Yes it's online and it's free, but it has a requirement, you should be a Kindle eReader owner.
The books are downloaded to E-Ink Kindle eReader, we can generate the decrypting keys upon Kindle Serial Number.
However, among so many eBook stores, books from Amazon Kindle generally come at remarkably cheaper price and of far more diversified genres.

For your information, I downloaded the books via PC from amazon and can view and Download&pin via kindle cloud reader, but I cannot find the ebooks anywhere on my PC. Here we convert purchased Kindle books to EPUB by using Epubor Ultimate , which well blends the DRM removal and formats conversion together. This guide will show you how to transfer Kindle books, mainly Kindle AZW titles, to EPUB for best reading on non-Kindle gadgets.

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convert ipad books to kindle format

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