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We're teaming up with CourseHorse, a free service that aggregates classes to take in your spare time. Ben Jay is a Serious Eats contributor, photographer, carnivore, beer and whisky drinker, and music nerd. I know I’m not the only person who has grown tired of dining at restaurants night-in and night-out, especially when it gets late into the busy Holiday Season. Recently, what started off as me teasing my girlfriend for slacking off in the kitchen, ended up with us attending a Mexican food cooking class in NYC together.
The head chef at Miette Studio is named Paul Vandewoude (Formerly of Le Zinc in Tribeca and Tartine in the West Village) and he makes the cooking lessons so enjoyable that you’ll not only have a great time but you will look forward to cooking in your own kitchen again. The group of us that showed up to the kitchen got split up into pairs and each of us were assigned a certain dish we’d be responsible for putting together. All the food ingredients were pre-chopped up to the proper measurements already but we left with a recipe, which indicates exactly how much of each item is needed to make each dish. We didn’t realize how much of a recreational activity cooking was until our experience at Miette Culinary Studio.
Chef Paul’s assistant even gave us the best locations in the city to buy certain ingredients for the sauce we were in charge of, the roasted potatoes the group nearby us made and a few other dishes. When it comes to learning something, I’m usually really shy because I don’t want to embarrass myself but the Chefs paid such close attention to us that it felt like learning from a family member. Not even a week later, I came home to find out my girlfriend prepared the Chimichurri sauce and a plate of pasta which she said only took her about an hour to put together. Check out the upcoming cooking classes at Miette Culinary Studios or reserve a private cooking lesson if you want the in-home experience.
One of the many reasons that people continue to flock to NYC is because there is ALWAYS something to do. Summer may be over, but cooler temperatures will give way to a delicious New York City tradition: outdoor food festivals! Hands-on Instruction and Demonstration EventsICE can arrange a culinary extravaganza for you and your clients or friends.
Book the date by paying advance of $25 (balance amount is due anytime before the start of the class).

Cooking Classes for Teens, The Institute of Culinary EducationHome economics classes are just about gone from NYC middle and high schools, in fact, Mark Twain in Coney Island is one of the only middle schools in the city to offer cooking - so rare, it was featured on The Rachel Ray show.  These days teens who want to learn to cook are learning at home.
Teen cooking classes go beyond the Mommy & Me cooking classes, which are as much about the process as the product. In Homemade Pasta, for ages 11-14, kids learn how to make basic pasta dough, plus ravioli, and tagliatelle. Pizza a Casa specializes in pizza and offers a 4-hour hands-on pizza workshop for ages 13 and up. For tweens, the JCC has My Tween and Me Do Brunch, where you both learn how to make sweet or savory crepes, frittatas, cake and smoothies. This week: food-centric courses selected by the Serious Eats staff to bone up on your cooking chops and food knowledge. For anyone else in Midtown West who feels how I do, you should hop on over from 95 Horatio or Chelsea Centro to West 4th street in the Village and take a trip down to Miette Culinary Studio at 109 MacDougal street. The culinary studio is set up like a domestic living room and kitchen so it’s not hard for you to imagine doing anything you’ve learned at the cooking school in your own home. My girlfriend and I were chosen to make the Chimichurri sauce, which is a deep green, almost brown, Mexican sauce packed with flavor and spice. After each group cooked up their part of the meal, we got to enjoy a complete dinner and we made many friends in the class. In my book that is a mission accomplished! We both learned a few more culinary tricks and had a nice rest from restaurant food, with something fresh to eat at home for a change after we took a local cooking class. We'll bring in one of the country's hottest chefs to prepare a fabulous dinner especially for your group. Even if you have mad cullinary skills, it's not always easy to find the time to make dinner, much less teach along the way.
You can find classes in Manhattan for beginner to more advanced cooks; most are one-time classes. For teens and tweens, ICE has a rotating classes, including the one-time Teenage Entertaining 101 class for ages 15 to 18.

Here, teens learn basics, such as knife skills, then more advanced techniques like sauteing, roasting, blanching and emulsifying sauces. This class focuses on thin crust artisan pizza with fresh mozzarella and a variety of toppings. Although the class (and the entire community center) is Kosher, you do no have to be Jewish to participate. They gave us many valuable tips like how to slice certain foods, how to mix your sauce and other temperature secrets you don’t come across every day.
You'll learn secrets, get a chance to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Teen cooking classes are a fun, cool and social way for your teen to learn the important skill of creating meals, and also (sniff!) gain some of that independence they crave.
Teens learn how to throw a dinner party and make a complete meal, including appetizers, an entree, side dishes and dessert. The class teaches knife skills and different cooking methods, while exploring the flavors of India, Morocco, Italy, Japan, France and Mexico. The one-time classes include American Classics, Cooking In Less Than Thirty Minutes, Thanksgiving Favorites, and Indian food.
Participants will learn how to make dough and tomato sauce, prepare toppings, and make a chocolate dessert pizza. Students use seasonal farmers’ market produce and organic ingredients to prepare gourmet meals.

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