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The Sticky Rice Cooking School has successfully marketed their interactive hands on cooking classes to corporate clients for team building and social private classes.
Guests were welcomed in the doors at 5.30pm and offered drinks and nibbles consisting of some freshly cooked crispy Tempura prawns with wasabi and soy dipping sauce and stacked bamboo steamers containing delicious little wonton parcels of pork and shitake mushrooms were temptingly set down before the guests. While these delicacies were consumed alongside some chilled Adelaide Hills wines, Yukiko started the class by explaining the essential Japanese ingredients and unique seasonings which were handed around to taste smell and touch.
All class members got down to some sushi making mastering a variety of impressive Sushi techniques including California Roll, King Prawn Nigiri sushi, Inside out Roll with Tobiko and Bean Curd Pocket Sushi. Next on the menu was Chicken Yakitori(Skewers of Glazed Chicken with Teriyaki sauce), and a Japanese broth of ginger and mushrooms. A Sticky Rice Cooking Class can be booked to suit your choice of cusine and dates and times can be negotiated.

This Seattle school was created for home cooks who aspire to be David Chang, not Julia Child.
From two-hour sessions to a four-week immersion, here are the best cooking classes around the world.
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So if Fishtown and Northern Liberties are the only places you like to hang out at, step outside your comfort zone.  There are a ton of new and upcoming restaurants all over town such as Graduate Hospital, Pennsport, and University City. Not only are you helping to stimulate the local economy you may realize that locally made items are far better than the massed produced junk some of the big retailers are selling.
The sit down meal was served with complimentary wine and rounded off by a Tantalising Sake Pannacotta served with Apricot Compote.

So go ahead mingle with the crowds over a pitcher of margarita and see Philly in a new light.
So find what issues speak to you the most whether it’s education, poverty, drug addiction and become apart of the solution. Use 2015 to make a conscious effort to help and connect with those less fortunate instead of just liking and sharing stories on Facebook.

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