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This Diploma course shows you how to write great copy, how to win clients, and how to maximize your earnings. That means organizations are having to create new brochures, write sales letters, and add more web pages.
As the end of the program you'll get a Certified Copywriter banner to put on your website and stationery. Unlike the world of book writing, there's little competition - because there are few copywriters. Many client companies are too small to justify hiring a big agency (because most firms employ fewer than ten people).
And in provincial cities and towns, many advertising agencies rely heavily on freelance copywriters. I'm already earning more now than I did in my previous permanent role (much sooner than expected) and although things were a little slow to begin with, I've had a constant flow of work coming in since Christmas, which is just amazing. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for your words of wisdom and honestly couldn't be happier. For a limited time, we're offering these benefits (totalling $1676) when you register on the course.
This ten-piece kit gives you ready-made advertisements, posters, leaflets and even your business stationery. You’ll have a personal mentor who'll help you set up your own business (if you want to do that). For three months after getting your Diploma you'll get one-to-one advice and support from an active practitioner. So if you're unsure on how to launch your own business, this mentoring programme will put you on the road to success.
Follow the highs and lows of a professional copywriter's life, as our freelance copywriter reports each week on his experiences in the field. But register on the course, and you’ll receive a free website design for your copywriting business. This 47-page eBook contains complete step-by-step checklists for starting a successful business. Constructed by copywriting experts, the course distills years of experience, covering every kind of market and all types of publicity.

We even have a post-course service to help you get your copy right, and solve the problems you encounter. Here you'll find advice, useful articles about copywriting, and the current versions of the course materials (we regularly update the course materials). One student was asked to produce two short paragraphs on twelve different kitchen and bathroom ranges.
Another course member now provides a monthly press release service for a local firm of lawyers. Unlike other organizations, we provide complete coverage of the subject, covering all types of copywriting.
There are 11 assignments for you to complete, and you get a free copywriter's manual, available nowhere else. You’ll have email access to your tutor, who will give you free advice and suggestions on anything to do with copywriting, including your own work. You can also contact other students, using our student database, to which you can add your details.
You get to work on real-world assignments from real clients, which will add material to your portfolio. Because most people are busy these days, you can take as long as you want to complete the course. The Blackford Center's tutors are full-time copywriters, who bring their on-the-job experience to the course. They've also worked directly for big-name clients, and for smaller ad agencies in smaller towns and cities - so they understand the needs of low-budget clients.
Once you complete the course, you’ll receive your Diploma, which is a recognition of your skills and knowledge. People in advertising agencies, PR consultancies and client companies who want to know more about the subject. I've helped a friend with some copy for two brochures for their holiday lets, and a small advert for the same in Cycling Weekly.
I have built great relationships with the clients that have come to me via this service, which has lead to me submitting marketing materials for them and then leading on to other things. They don't have enough work to pay specialists full-time, but they need lots of different writers.

I really did need that confidence boost before daring to go for it and I still refer to your feedback during moments of doubt.
It means your work is checked in a friendly and confidential atmosphere before being exposed to the outside world. By the end of the course, you'll have met all the main problems that a copywriter encounters.
By getting a rapid response from us, you avoid the danger of errors in those all-important early assignments. And you can get free logos (like the one on the left) to put on your website and your letterhead. They know that copywriting will always be in demand: a computer can't write advertisements and press releases. On completing your final assignment, we'll give you details of how you can get advice and guidance from the Blackford Center. In fact, wherever a company wants to sell something, you'll find a copywriter producing words for it. It will save you a lot of money, weeks of delay and the trial and error that comes with designing a website. Everything is beautifully packaged to provide you with your own permanent reference library which you can consult long after completing the course. We provide advice that you can't get anywhere else, and we give you the encouragement that you need to succeed. When you go to see a client, or you have a query, we'll be no further than your phone or email.
However, our students can contact each other and share experiences, using the students' database.
Some copywriters rarely even see clients - the work comes down the telephone or over the net. But if you're marketing a retirement property to an elderly couple, you need a gentle, reassuring sell.

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