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Innovation Tools - (Digital) tools that will increase the innovation potential of your team or company.
To discuss these questions, innovation-3 invited a group of Open Innovation practitioners from leading German firms – coming from a range of industries, comprising Chemical, Automotive, Energy, Aviation, FMCG, Banking and Retail – for a cross-company exchange of Best Practices.
For the sake of simplicity we focused discussion on the third corridor – the first two can be handled accordingly. However, this one-dimensional look at core competences is not good enough, since all technologies – and hence also the few core competences – have their life cycle. In order to achieve this, an inventory of all relevant technologies should be set up as a first step.
In a second step, all of the technologies in this inventory are plotted into a two-dimensional portfolio matrix. In this portfolio, the competitive position is the x-axis and the attractiveness of the technology the y-axis. In this portfolio diagram the upper right quadrant denotes the space where the firm should innovate in a closed way since it has competitive advantages in very attractive technologies. While the methodology illustrated above is sufficient to support discussions about present technologies, it is not sufficient to support the future perspective since the technology base is constantly shifting.
These kind of radical technological disruptions are not happening in the lighting business alone. Should the firm build up the future (core) competence portfolio in a rather open or a rather closed approach to innovation? In order to answer this question in a holistic way, the portfolio matrix from above should be modified so that it also visualizes the anticipated future (potentially disruptive) technology base. The good news is that the portfolio approach described above is flexible enough to accommodate future technologies as well.
Using the three-step process outlined above – inventory of technology, portfolio of the current technology base and portfolio of disruptive technologies – any firm can make good and solid judgments about where today’s and tomorrow’s core competences are.
Frank Mattes has more than 15 years of experience in managing innovation, change management and projects. Core-Managementand Remanufacturing-Locations Consistent and efficient Core-Management is a precondition for successful remanufacturing processes. The used components, also called cores, are the a€?raw materiala€? for remanufacturing and get returned from the market back to the manufacturer.
Remanufacturing at ZF is connected to the global network of ZF Services that comprises 77 locations in 36 countries. Further Information Contact If you have any further queries or would like to recieve further information, please contact us.
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Information identified as archived on the Web is for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. Approving the Project: The Treasury Board Approval criteria should be consulted to determine whether your project requires Treasury Board Approval. Project Implementation: Against the project plan and project organization structure defined in the previous stage, the project activities are executed, tracked and measured.

Project Close Out and Wrap-up: One of the key success criteria for continuous process improvement involves defining a formal process for ending a project. Note that although the "project life cycle" has been presented here in this simplified five-stage approach, your Department's methodology may, in fact, have one or more phases that fit into each of the stages above.
Processes and fundamental topics such as process modeling, organization structure, Reporting, Risk Management, Data Warehousing und Compliance.
Functional and technical architecture – especially for business models with a high proportion on In- and Outsourcing and an extensive array of client interfaces. Many organizations have developed procedures for project team formation and project team behavior. This concept is useful for clarifying the team roles and responsibilities of project team members. Extreme in nature and the dedicated team is needed to quickly respond to changing circumstances.
Over the years I have found that effective Project Leaders have mastered two vital aspects of project management. The Project Leader must manage the communication between the project team and stakeholders. Blanchard is an effective tool for project leaders to use when determining a leadership interaction style.
P - Processes: the actual project processes or activities are defined, estimated, and planned. If that is the problem, we resolve that issue and usually the Interpersonal relationships are re-established.
The Thomas-Kilmann Model provides a suggested negotiation strategy for different conflict contexts. In the era of Open Innovation, the established concept of core competence management needs to be updated. For the few “core competences”, no one from outside of the firm should be involved in innovation in order to prevent know-how drain – today we would call this a “closed innovation” approach. In doing so, many firms find that the paradigm “Not all smart people work for us” is really true and are are surprised when they discover that the number of relevant external experts (“smart people”) is not just four times or ten times as large as the number of the internal experts. And so it may not be wise to invest valuable R&D resources into a technology that is at the end of its S-curve. The upper left quadrant is a space that is very favorable for Open Innovation whereas the two lower quadrants describe a space in which openness in innovation should be decided on a case-by-case basis per technology.
In the good old days of the light bulb your firm had to master three core competences: glass production, metal processing and engineering. The big question in the era of Open Innovation is: Should the firm build up the future (core) competence portfolio in a rather open or a rather closed approach to innovation?
In the same portfolio, you might as well integrate future technologies and assess your firm’s current competitive position and the estimated technology attractiveness – as seen from today.
He has worked for several specialized medium-sized consulting companies and for The Boston Consulting Group. Only through a functioning Core-Management system can the process be operated sustainably.ZF continues to expand its return system for exchange units in cooperation with other large automotive suppliers.

Whenever a vehicle owner returns appropriate ZF parts to an authorized parts dealer, instead of disposing of them, they are reimbursed a core value which is value determined beforehand. Careful and highly technical cleaning processes prepare the outer surfaces for smooth disassembly. At 14 locations in Europe, America and Africa a wide range of products are remanufactured on an industrial scale - true to the motto: In the region for the region. On the other hand, for the bulk of “non-core” competences, decisions on where and how external innovation partners should be involved were made on a case-by-case basis at the level of the individual innovation project. CEOs, CTOs (and according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal also increasingly CFOs) have become aware that a comprehensive and systematic open approach to innovation provides a significant upside potential (see also the in-depth article “How to implement R&D-driven Open Innovation”).
According to estimates by leading firms such as Procter&Gamble, Merck and Kraft Foods, the multiple is 50-200 (!). EUR 70 B revenue and product categories ranging from laundry care and small appliances to pet food and OTC medication, states that it operates in 150 technology fields. In today’s lighting business, where LEDs are becoming the standard, you need to master some 30 technologies, among them Fine Organic Chemistry, substrates, glues, engineering, “getter” production, printing technologies for feed lines and light release.
Applying the quadrant thinking outlined above, one gets a solid recommendation whether innovation in these future technologies should be done rather open or rather closed.
With CoremanNet ZF is active in a system for the automotive aftermarket, which is already established all over Europe. Used parts without core value can also be given back, in order to send them to professional remanufacturing or environmentally compatible waste disposal. Following the diagnosis of faulty individual parts or wearing parts that must be replaced is carried out. Web pages that are archived on the Web are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards.
For non-core competences, open approaches to innovation that could be replicated by other firms (such as e.g. Rather firms need to look at their all relevant technologies simultaneously with respect to their competitive position and the technological potentials. As per the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada, you can request alternate formats on the "Contact Us" page.
Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational modeling, Perfumes and flavors, Packaging and Toxicology.
Frank is the author of several books and a contributing editor to InnovationManagement, the number one platform for innovation management practitioners.
After the cleaning process all reusable parts are promptly routed to the assembly and brought up to the latest standards under consideration of all production-technical modifications procedures. After the assembly the remanufactured transmissions pass through the functional test on the test rig. The remanufactured product can then go directly back into the market a€“ with the same high quality as in the original equipment and with the same characteristics with regard to safety, reliability and driving dynamics that one can expect from a ZF product.

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