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As bas as those three previous deals were, the Jay Cutler contract is worse than all three of those combined.
As we chronicled before, if the Bears trade Jay Cutler, they will save $12.5 million against the cap next year.
First off, it bears mentioning than we are dealing with a total meltdown of a situation here. Monday Night Football’s Jon Gruden, who LOVES EVERYBODY and anybody that he sees playing before him, did nothing but rip Jay Cutler and the Bears.
The Bears are one of just a handful of teams in the NFL that haven’t scored 30 points in a game yet this season. Albert Breer of NFL Media reports that the Bears would take on $4 million in dead money by trading QB Jay Cutler next year. Breer points out that trading Cutler could be a difficult move to pull off given that the quarterback will hold plenty of leverage in this particular situation.
Of course, what works against the Bears also works in their favor- there are so few good, legitimate signal callers out there. On the other hand, so many teams are so desperate for a QB that Cutler may be an option for them. Then again, Jay Cutler is so disliked, and deservedly so, that all options, including the nuclear option, are on the table at this point.

How about getting with the program and moving the freaking ads so people can read all the text. Her CNN program will focus on the most interesting stories and personalities in the world of sports. Before ESPN (starting in 2-04) Nichols worked for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (1995–1996) and Washington Post (1996–2004). Rachel is married to music executive Max Nichols, son of film and stage director Mike Nichols.
Just in case anyone pondered how people get jobs in any mainstream media Houses of Nepotism.
In 2014, Chicago paid Cutler $22.5 million (the highest paid player in the entire National Football League) of the $38 million in guaranteed money in his deal.
They would have to make this move by June 1st, otherwise the cap hit would be an additional $3 million on top of that. Rachel Nichols is with CNN, part of the Turner Sports family which is broadcasting much of the tourney. In her role with Turner Sports, Rcahel Nichols will handle a wide variety of assignments across the division’s vast sports properties including the NBA and Major League Baseball. Maybe in 2016 they can write him a nice fat check and he’ll go away, but for now the Bears are stuck with him.

With the Bears set to eat the Trestman contract, and do a fair amount of house cleaning, it just seems highly unlikely that they can part ways with Jay Cutler this offseason. Sports fans and media consumers everywhere used to joke that every time Brett Favre moved, sneezed, went to the bathroom or even breathed- ESPN’s Rachel Nichols was there. Additionally, Nichols will cover all major sporting events, including the Olympics for CNN. Rachel Michele Alexander was born in Potomac, Maryland and graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Banks has appeared on Comcast SportsNet and the History Channel, as well as Clear Channel, ESPN and CBS radio all over the world.
If the Bears wait until March, then they’re on the hook for another $10 million in guaranteed dough.

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