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It is often the case that the measure of any success of a conference or live debate rests upon the quality of the facilitator. Brainstorming sessions and group discussions are an important part of developing a business strategy, but to obtain a maximum return sometimes requires the skills and presence of a neutral facilitator. We can suggest venues away from the office that will provide your group with breathing space and a place to think.
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to coach a project manager and you wish you had some great tools you could use to help them move forward more effectively? For many years now, our very own Managing Director, Bev James has been working closely with Dame Kelly Holmes and her team offering coaching, mentoring and training to retired world class athletes.
A company has a culture of coaching if coaching is practiced at all hierarchical levels within the company, from the CEO to the managers, including the teams.
What is very important in such a case is that coaching is understood, interpreted and applied in the same way at all levels.
Establishing a coaching program within the company has been proven to produce outstanding results.
The coach supports you to establish a coaching program within a company and create this new management model. Coaching Indonesia provides services on Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Development Program and Sales Coaching.
A targeted and customised program designed to help facilitate leadership development and self-transformation of executives.
Team coaching provides groups and teams, typically leaders, the opportunity to maximize their potentials beyond their current abilities. Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.
We are the first company in Indonesia who has been approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation) to conduct coaching certification programs.

Get a hands-on experience as Executive and Corporate Coach with 35 credit hours of the ICF. Mentoring program for those who wish to continue their coaching education to become ACC (Associate Certified Coach) of ICF. 100 percents of our graduates receive experiential transformation and joyful learning along with hands-on interaction with coach facilitators.
This is a two-day training to prepare leader as coach in the organization with proven methodology, coaching model and competencies. Coaching Indonesia Academy menyelenggarakan coaching webinar setiap bulan dengan variasi topik yang mendukung pengembangan profesi coaching. Program Personal Coaching membantu Anda menemukan kejelasan, memecahkan akar masalah dan mengambil keputusan strategis yang berkaitan dengan tujuan hidup, karir, dan parenting. Impact Movement with Coaching IndonesiaJoin us in a long-term mission to create impact to a million people in Indonesia through coaching.
Coaching for High Potential StudentsA joint effort by Coaches from Coaching Indonesia Academy in 12-month Coaching Engagement for talent students from 12 universities in Indonesia.
This is a 3-day program to prepare you to become a professional coach with standard competencies of ICF (International Coach Federation). The program builds your capacity and confidence to deliver coaching for executives and top leaders and help them initiate a coaching culture within the organization.The program comprises of 20 hours of in-class training, 10 hours of coaching practive, and 5 self-study hours.
Coaching Indonesia is a coaching firm supported by internationally accredited coaches of ICF (International Coach Federation).
Tanya coaches leaders to enhance both their current effectiveness and their readiness for future roles. Tanya has worked with a wide range of clients from both the public and private sector including Chairs, CEOs, main board and divisional board level directors, journalists, producers, directors, designers, marketeers, senior civil servants, lawyers, strategists, health, HR, IT and finance specialists as well as other coaches. Prior to coaching, Tanya worked at the BBC where, at HR Director level, she led on all aspects of people strategy including organisational design and development, change management, talent management, diversity, launching new services, resourcing and employee relations.

All of our coaches are skilled facilitators who can assist your team or group to work through ideas, thoughts and issues to achieve an agreed objective, within a time limited framework. The ILM recently reported 80% of the 250 large organisations that they surveyed had or were using coaching with another 9% planning too.
It used to be seen as remedial and a "nice to have" but now it is safe to say that many businesses and high profile business executives understand the benefits that coaching can bring. Americans have embraced and embedded coaching – in all of its forms, which they are to be credited for. The program comprises of 17 hours of in-class training, 8 hours of coaching practicum, and 5 self-study hours. We are the first coaching institution in Indonesia who has been approved to provide coaching certification programs with the approval from the ICF. She offers a safe, calm and uncluttered space for her clients to reflect on, and deal with, their leadership issues. She is used to operating in fast moving, competitive environments and working with demanding, challenging and stimulating clients. She also recently devised and delivered a coaching initiative for a Local Authority aimed at ethnic minority groups currently under represented in senior management roles. Tanya had a reputation for delivering strategic and business objectives on time and on budget, including complex, large scale change and improving diversity performance. Without a second thought or justification required, coaching is part of the US culture of personal development, going for gold, gutsy drive and determination made worthwhile by the results delivered.

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corporate coaching certification jobs

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