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Following a successful 16 year career in the corporate and creative arena of the Fashion Business, at Senior Director level, I understand the personal, political and relationship challenges of dynamic, results driven environments. Courses can be tailored to suit your business needs and to meet the requirements of your team.
I also work One to One on Performance Coaching with individual team members, Key Managers and Leaders to help them find the Clarity, Focus and Creativity to Thrive, Innovate and Perform to their Full Potential. I immediately felt at ease with Lisa and she made a positive impact on my life, for which I’m really grateful.
My life has changed drastically in a positive way, being more confident within my line of work and in myself, which has led to more success and great feedback from others who were able to notice a difference in me after one or two sessions. This drastic change has also improved my personal life with my girlfriend, friends and family, way more than I expected from Coaching. Overall I feel more relaxed within myself and I’m living my life in a pretty stress free way, exactly the way I wanted to. What might be different about your professional life if you could take full advantage of your own potential and really inspire your team?
Twelve one-to-one sessions aimed at executive, senior and middle management level professionals who are dedicated to maximising their unique leadership abilities and their own positive impact within their organisations. How might your venture be performing if you could view your opportunities with clarity and act decisively?

Twelve one-to-one sessions tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners wishing to expand their creative thinking (and their horizons) and capitalise on their own innovative potential. What might your team be capable of if they were all able to harness their unique talents and pull together in the same direction? One day session that will clarify the team’s purpose, build cohesion and map out a way forward, emphasising action and accountability. With over 15 years of experience in corporate training and formal education, we can help design just the right workshop or training session for your workplace. Investing in the development of your staff is they secret to not just a happy and efficient workplace, but to happy and satisfied customers. That’s why v2 Coaching offers tailored training to meet the unique and specific needs of your workplace and your team. Training can be provided one-on-one or in groups, presentation style or as interactive workshops.
Sarah will meet with you to discuss what you feel your team needs and present you with a variety of training options.
Ask about our FREE school workshops for helping youth identify their values and priorities, and set achievable goals. I also know how the stress and demands placed on individuals and teams, can potentially impact on Performance, Leadership and Engagement if left unacknowledged.

If you’re career minded and want to improve within your field, then I highly recommend Lisa. It has been about finding the blockages in my thinking and working my way around these blocks, creating new pathways, to develop a new way of thinking. She helped me to transform some of my thought processes, making a big difference in both my private and professional life in a short space of time.
Her techniques in coaching are engaging and easy to comprehend making the whole process relaxed and fun.
I have come to know a new level of happiness and internal peace that I have not experienced in the last 17 years. My background in diamond exploration and geochemistry provides me with a solid scientific foundation. For those of you going through an internal war, anxiety or whatever it may be, the issue is that no one can understand it because its not physically shown like an injury.
The possibility of discovering precious gems (both in the ground and in the human mind) excites me tremendously.

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corporate coaching programs xp

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