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Communication, vision, creativity, motivation, performance management, coaching, inspiration and dealing with difficult situations are just a few of the topics covered in the Dare to Lead workshop. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. The curriculum in the corporate version is based on the model illustrated in the wholeness wheel below. Next corporate training will be after Kirstens new book on Feminine Leadership is released in 2014. In the mean time, you can read more about Kirstens take on Corporate Feminine Leadership here. We will tailor each leadership development course to the specific needs of our clients matching the content to the specified outcomes.
Though our main base lies within the Brecon Beacons, we are also flexible enough to be able to deliver our programmes across the UK. To date we have delivered programmes to organisations within the following sectors public Sector, International Sporting Teams , Financial Services , Pharmaceuticals , Petrochemicals,Telecommunications, Motor Industry, Hospitality, PR and Media.

Good leaders have a direct influence on employee satisfaction and a company’s bottom line. Our courses provide an opportunity for managers to develop leadership skills in an environment where they can safely explore their own methods and styles. When combined with feedback and facilitation from our trainers, this creates a powerful method of transferring learning and development back to the workplace.
We have developed and are currently delivering a development programme for the clients of a UK-wide financial institution. Providing leaders with the training to strengthen thinking, communication and management skills will positively impact your organization and employee performance. Leadership development has very positive benefits in today’s dynamic and unpredictable workplaces where very often managers are required to make important decisions where the solutions are not always clear cut. Our delegates learn from both their successes and mistakes and have feedback that will improve their performance both as managers and leaders when back in the workplace. We then create a solution which matches these key objectives for a return on your investment.

The principles of personal development and improved performance are similar in all business sectors. Transforming people into strong, confident leaders who are prepared to lead your organization’s future is what Dare to Lead is all about. This is vital at present as only the most motivated and competent of staff can secure the future of a business.
So rather than impose prescriptive courses we use active experiential learning for leadership courses. He currently provides class room and online courses on Performance Management, Leadership in Healthcare, Customer Experience Management, Coaching Skills, Managing High Performance Multidisciplinary Teams, Personal Effectiveness, Stress Management, Patient Safety Time Management and Advanced Training Skills for Clinic Trainers. Over the last twenty years, Dermot has provided training and consultancy services on a full-time and consultancy basis to a range of global companies, in Ireland, Europe Middle East and Africa.

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corporate leadership training india price

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