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A new independent corporate sales training and coaching programme for the international moving and relocation industry has been launched by a group of seasoned industry professionals.
Corporate Sales 101, run by Kevin Pickford, Adrian Young and Andreas Eibel will provide training at international locations including London, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Melbourne. Sales and Management Training and Coaching Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne AustraliaCall Us Now! The KONA Group is Australia’s leading Corporate Sales and Management Training and Coaching organisation. For over 15 years they have been improving the performances of organisations’ Managers, Leaders and Sales People. The KONA Group’s unique ACTC process uses the full resources of Assessment Tools, Strategic Consulting, Training Workshops, and Coaching Programs, to increase your sales, profits and people’s performance.
KONA Group is renowned as a team of Business Improvement Specialists, all who have run businesses, managed teams and built Pipelines. Bank Manager, Commonwealth Bank - Throughout my career with Commonwealth Bank I met several business coaches, but KONA is the only name that I don't need to challenge my memory to remember.

KONA Managing Director - Glenn Dobson - is a master at focusing the attention of any sales team, business owner or sales manager on the importance of having a strong sales pipeline to the future prosperity of any business. Next Business Solutions used the team at KONA to take us through their Hearts and Minds training.
Chief Information Officer at Rexel Group Australia (RGA) - Having utilised KONA's services for a number of years I can confidently endorse them as a company with talented, outcome driven staff and a can do attitude. CEO at Big Wave Digital - KONA consultants are of the highest quality, I have engaged the KONA Group on numerous occasions and the results always speak for themselves. Global Sales & Marketing at pureprofile - The team at KONA have been key pillar in elevating pureprofile to a global company. Business Owner at Vision Personal Training - Glenn from the KONA Group spoke to 40+ Vision clients & personal trainers earlier this year. The firm, which helps financial advisers give advice profitably, needed to articulate the strategy clearly so that the management team could sell it to the sales team, and the sales team could sell it to financial advisers.
If you're looking for Sales Training in Australia or Sales Training in Sydney, Call Centre Training, Customer Service Training or Sales Management Training and Coaching please contact KONA Group today!

Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Executive Coaching, Management Development Programme, Call Centre Training, Leadership Development Programme, Instructional Design, MBTI, DISC, OEP, Interim Managers, Sales Pipeline Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Conference Speakers and Motivational Speakers. Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning a prospect into a customer can be very complex process one needs to master. KONACan also includes a group of highly inspiring motivational speakers and conference presenters.
Effective and high performance selling is important to the success of almost every kind of business. He is fluent in both German and English, and has held leadership positions in many locations.
Within two years he had transformed the company from having 15 staff to well over 200 and was subsequently promoted to Shanghai General Manager.

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