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Depuis le debut des annees 1980, Durocher international se specialise dans le transport par plateforme (flat bed) a l'echelle internationale. S'assurer de transporter la marchandise de notre clientele de facon securitaire et dans les delais prescrits. At the Emergence Learning Academy we provide high-quality training courses which are designed around individual and business needs. Local seta accredited full qualification in Occupational development, Education and training at NQF 4 - 5. At Emergence Learning Academy in - house learning programs are customised according to business needs.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be achieved through attaining qualifications and attending skills development short learning programs that can provide you with the skills you need in the workplace. CBA Pretoria provides quality, affordable, comprehensive education and training at the entry level that is aligned to the NQF System and philosophy. Au fil des ans, l'entreprise a acquis une experience qu'elle met maintenant au service de sa clientele variee du domaine manufacturier, minier et de l'energie. The Emergence learning Academy is centered on the delivery of outcomes demonstrated in increased competence. At the Learning Academy you gain access to a wide range of learning content which is benchmarked against the latest best practice and body of knowledge.

Etant une division de Transforce chef de fil du transport et logistique au Canada, Durocher International est toujours en mesure de repondre a tous les besoins de transport en offrant un service cle-en-main.

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corporate training jobs des moines

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