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Given how important it is to have skilled employees, it goes without saying that companies must do a better job at producing them. Our goals with the programs have been to improve staff knowledge, improve the overall deliverability of our services and, ultimately, increase firm revenue by empowering staff to recognize opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have seen. Given the experience I’ve had spearheading this endeavor; I thought it prudent to outline some lessons learned to help guide you when implementing your own corporate training programs. The first step for any organization looking to implement a successful training program is to undertake an internal needs assessment. In the next part of this series, we’ll look at two key components of the program that are a necessity to ensuring program success. We provide cloud offerings coupled with core ERP solutions and other business technologies to create a significant and lasting impact on client success. The cloud is bursting with business opportunity – don’t resist it out of fear of the unknown. The Corporate Training program at VSPS are developed on the basis of the requirements of the organisations. We are always striving to keep abreast with the latest trends in the industry.A  Sumraaz TechnologiesA  offers wide range of training solutions with the latest training methodologies. The experience passed on by our veteran consultants cut down on the Trial and Error effortsA  which generally cost huge amounts.

At Rand Group, we recently embarked on the long and winding path to developing and implementing a companywide employee training program. For one, most organizations that implement corporate training programs fail to recognize that staff themselves must believe that learning new skills will fill a gap in their skillset and directly contribute to improved organizational performance. At Rand Group, we developed sessions with a focus on a mix of accounting, industry, internal controls, technical and software knowledge, plus general business fundamentals. Sumraaz Technologies has created transformative value proposition with innovative business models that transform the employees of an organization into a highly competent and motivated workforce . As a professional services firm, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition and facilitate knowledge transfer from the senior executives and firm shareholders to our more junior delivery staff.
Analyze your training needs, and ask yourself, what are the critical skills and knowledge that our organization needs in order to better serve our clients?
To prevent employees from attending training only because they “have to”, conduct an internal survey of staff to gauge interest; and align this interest with your predetermined understanding of the organization’s training needs.
What you develop will be different, but what’s important is that you base your sessions around filling the knowledge gaps as identified during your needs assessment. These trainings are fully customized so that we can meet the needs of the particular organisations. Its training programs cover a wide spectrum including technology training, behavioral training and leadership programs .

Where the interest and the need align is the sweet spot for getting a high level of attendance and attention from your target audience.
The programs A help the industry address its people requirements right from fresh graduates on-boarding to up-skilling and cross-skilling experienced professionals. The programs cover employees ranging from front-line staff to senior executives and in languages ranging from English, Hindi and Marathi.
Too often organizations don’t take the time to determine their needs and make their training decisions on without thoughtful consideration of needs and a good baseline of skills.
The quality of programs can be gauged by the fact that for 90% of our partners we are the preferred vendor and they do repeat business with us. Remember not everyone even at the same staff level will be at the same starting point when you start the training program.

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corporate training programs bangalore one

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