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Communication is reliably cited as one of the most—if not the most—crucial factors to strengthening and maintaining healthy relationships.
Similarly, communication skills are just as important at work: one 2014 survey of about 600 employers found that communication skills are the most in-demand skill set among employers.
From maintaining healthy relationships to getting hired to getting promoted, communication affects nearly every part of our lives. Transforming into an effective communicator is not terribly complicated, but it will call for some elementary skills and the disposition to practice. The first step is to realize that the goal of any communication situation is a genuine, open-ended exchange of information where all parties can be heard and acknowledged.
Developing listening skills, then, is the single most significant thing you can do to become a more effective communicator. If you’ve ever been overly stressed or anxious, you recognize how challenging it can be to listen closely.
If you lack confidence, you’ll find it very difficult to assert yourself while interacting. Hearing loss makes things worse, not surprisingly, because your misinterpretations could be thought of as a sign that you just don’t comprehend the message.
Becoming a better communicator necessitates becoming a better listener, but how can you become a better listener if you have hearing loss? Modern digital hearing aids have a variety of amazing features made exclusively for speech recognition. Without needing to strain to hear speech, you can focus all of your energy on comprehending the message. If you have hearing loss and you’re prepared to begin strengthening your distraction-free listening skills, book your hearing test today.
The basic idea of cognitive therapy is that your thinking determines your mood, and if you change your thinking, you will change your life.The most common types of negative thinking are all-or-nothing thinking and disqualifying the positives. Your candid responses allow the Practitioner to gather highly relevant data about your unique relationship in an efficient and time saving way.
In some cases you may be able to join a Growing Together group which provides the feedback for groups of couples working together.
Take our Couple Checkup - put your relationship on strong foundations by checking out the strengths and growth areas! In fact, of five leading skill sets employers consider most important when making a hiring decision, communications skills top the list. Striving to improve our communication skills, then, isn’t a bad place to begin if we wish to make some positive changes.
This necessitates assertive and articulate speaking skills, but, just as significantly, requires robust listening skills. The reason is very simple: if you fail to understand what is being said, you won’t be able to articulate a relevant and meaningful reply.
And while active listening is often challenging in its own right, hearing loss makes things even trickier.

Only by thoroughly understanding the message can you produce a relevant and significant reply, and that’s why inadequate speakers are nearly always distracted listeners. You’re more liable to be focused on your personal thoughts and feelings rather than on the speaker’s, and you’re likely to miss out on essential non-verbal signs and to misread what other people are saying.
You may feel anxious about missing out on important ideas or coming up with embarrassing replies.
You can’t simultaneously listen to the speaker and daydream, check your email, text message, and plan what you’re going to say next.
If you’re attempting to understand what the speaker just said, you’re also missing out on what they’re saying right now. This presents the chance of you becoming upset or annoyed with a message that the other person never actually intended to send. You’ll probably also be preoccupied with what the other person thinks rather than on the content of what they’re saying. If you’re constantly requesting clarification on simplistic points, it makes it hard to feel sufficiently confident to be assertive. You have several choices, but because hearing aids have come so far in terms of identifying and amplifying speech, they actually are the ideal solution.
Many hearing aid models have background noise suppression, directional microphones, and innovative digital processing so that speech comes through loud and clear.
Then, as you become a better active-listener, your confidence, assertiveness, and speaking skills will all take care of themselves. If you think that things have to be perfect and anything less than perfect is a failure, you're setting yourself up for trouble. It can promise that you will become more aware of the strengths of your unique relationship and of any areas where growth may still be needed. Remember as you respond to these questions that this is not a test; there are no “right” and “wrong” answers and you cannot “fail”.
These responses are confidential, and the only person who will tell your partner how you answered any question is you yourself…. These groups may contain a mix of marrying and recently married couples and can develop into valuable support groups in the early years of marriage.
This lack of ability to understand is the underlying cause of many misunderstandings, arguments, and bad feelings.
And, the battle to hear speech in the existence of hearing loss is a source of anxiety and strain by itself.
Remaining within the present moment and focusing on the speaker is the only method to pick up on the subtle details of the speaker’s communication.
The persistent catching-up almost ensures that you’ll never totally understand the message. If you focus on the few negatives in your life and disqualify the many positives, you're more prone to anxiety, depression, and addiction. It can promise that, as you become more aware of the relationship building skills you possess and of the issues which are important to you, you will be better able to make your relationship one of those success stories which we all hope to achieve.

In subsequent feedback sessions you are helped to practice important communication and conflict resolution skills.
Cognitive therapy helps you identify your negative thinking and replace it with healthier thinking.The basic tool of cognitive therapy is the thought record.
You will gain a fuller understanding of the strengths within your relationship, which you can build on, and also any areas where growth is still needed. It is a journal in which you write down your negative thoughts and analyze them step-by-step. You are encouraged to complete the six exercises in the booklet “Building a Strong Marriage” which you receive….
If something good happens in my life, I usually have to pay for it with something bad."There are 10 steps to a thought record.
The first six steps guide you through understanding your negative thinking, and where it came from. The next four steps help you come up with healthier thinking and incorporate it into your life.
Write a thought record about unpleasant experiences that you would like to have handled differently. This will help you remember it later if you want to review your notes.I made a mistake at work.
This was probably a subconscious or automatic thought that you have had before.I feel like a failure.
Look at the physical, psychological, professional, and emotional consequences.I'm damaging my self-esteem.
If I continue to think like this, my negativity will affect my relationships and possibly my health.
The previous steps of the thought record helped you understand your thinking and lower your defenses. Now that you've considered the facts, write down a healthier way of thinking.I don't have to succeed at everything. What action can you take to support your new thinking?The next time I make a mistake, I won't dwell on the negatives. Gradually over time, your thinking and life will begin to improve.There are no restrictions on the printing of this document.
For a more complete guide to cognitive therapy refer to the book "I Want to Change My Life" by Dr.
These techniques can complement the work you do with your doctor or therapist, but they should be used in combination with professional guidance.

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