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The Early Childhood Resource Network+ (ECRN+) Family Support Program believes that one of the greatest assets that a child with special needs can have is a strong support system. This program is for boys and girls ages 8-12, who would like to begin the basics of color guard movements. This training program allows athletes to gain the tools necessary to progress their cardio and weight training goals for their sport-specific activity.
The Gymnasium floor and Studio One fitness floor are scheduled for refinish and maintence, Monday May 16th through Monday May 30th. We’re aware the Marconi Parking Garage is expected to close on May 31 and are working on alternative solutions for our members and guests.
Chris Tamasovich has been with the Y at our Pickaway branch for almost 2 years but his experience doesn’t begin there.
In the weekends of May, were hosting 4 new classes to try before you buy for our summer session.
CX Works: This program hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper and lower body. Neil Eichensechr, Senior Property Manager & Stephanie Barham, Maintenance Tech,  worked hard in all weather conditions to get the outdoor pool ready for summer! Shutdown dates for preventative maintenance and deep cleaning for the  indoor pool, warm water pool, sauna and whirlpool are May 16 - 31. Every month we want to feature a different instructor that brings their own special brightness to the Downtown Y! Donna came to the Y in late 2008 as a member and was impressed with how friendly and encouraging everyone was, especially the instructors. In Donna’s words, she can teach anything, so long as she doesn’t have to dance! In her spare time, she likes to read, write, run, appreciate art, music and cinema, spend time with her family, and travel.
This event is about enjoying it, and being a well-rounded athlete that has the perseverance to do three disciplines back to back.
If you are interested in volunteering for either the Dave Staley or Mingo Man the following day please contact Colleen McLain for further information!
On Saturday, June 18th from 11AM-3PM the Delaware YMCA will be hosting a community field day! There are a number of donation levels in which a team can participate from BRONZE all the way to PLATINUM. Registration forms can be downloaded from the link below and brought into the branch upon restigration! The Downtown District Community is an exciting place to be in the Spring and Summer, with many annual events taking place!
Delaware Safety Town is an educational program for children entering kindergarten or first grade in fall. The Eldon and Elsie Ward Family YMCA pool will be CLOSED March 6th-March 11th for cleaning and maintenance.
Please complete your forms using the link below prior to coming into the Y to complete your registration. Due to the Gahanna Gator Swim Meet on Saturday, February 13, the pool area including (Hot- Tub Spa and Sauna) will be closed from 12:30pm- 6pm. Want to learn how to take better pictures of your children and pets or maybe you just want to understand your camera or phone better. This free informational session will discuss all of our wonderful day camp options for the summer.
This two hour adult enrichment event discusses the joys of considering alternative ways to a better physical you! Our Downtown YMCA will be hosting the Corporate Challenge Dodge-ball tournament this weekend. We're excited to celebrate our partnership with Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (GJPS) and Franklin University at The Y at Clark Hall. This class includes an informative and inspirational lecture format, group movement and exercise, cooking and whole food celebration segments, positive and goal-oriented social community building and meaningful introductions to the talented YMCA staff members that change people’s lives every day and are here to help you with your fitness journey. Bring your exercise shoes, an open mind, a commitment to yourself and an absolutely enormous desire to smile more. On behalf of the North YMCA, we want to thank you for your patience as the building undergoes significant repairs and construction. If you are YMCA staff that are registering, please complete that process at the branch instead of online. The Hoover YMCA Learning Garden is a one-acre organic farm located at the Hoover YMCA in Lockbourne, Ohio. In the Western world, we tend to focus on Hatha, the physical practice of yoga with most classes including some Raja and perhaps even a little Mantra (Ommmm, or AUM.)  The emphasis will differ based on the teacher and the yoga venue, are you in a gym or a yoga studio? Francia opened with a a bit of meditation (also called setting a sacred space) and followed with some warm up postures with deep breathing techniques or pranyama. Megan then provided instruction in a vinyasa flow where one builds heat through movement and synchronizes the breath and movement, one breath, one movement. I then spent a few minutes on what we coin hatha, deep stretches of the muscles, and then moved on to a few yin poses, poses held for several minutes to work the soft, connective tissues.
We also teach power yoga classes which includes ashtanga, a series of poses that are repeated each time you come to the mat in the same sequence and the practitioner moves throughout the practice.

On Thursday, May 14th, we celebrated Hollywood Casino's recent gift to the Hilltop YMCA.
As on-going investors of our facility and programs, we, at the Hilltop YMCA, thank everyone at the Hollywood Casino for their loyal support! In partnership with North Side Health Advisory and Columbus Public Health, the Walk With a Doc series stepped off Saturday, April 4. Your Downtown YMCA, in collaboration with the Discovery Special Improvement District, is proudly offering the newly organized co-ed leagues this Spring & Summer.
The Gahanna YMCA is now offering Yoga classes throughout the day to help meet your scheduling needs.
For the first time the North YMCA will be offering Kiddie Camps, for children ages 3 through 5 years old! Yoga practitioners extoll the practice's effect on strength and flexibility, as well as peace of mind. You don't need to be able to touch your toes to get started, and Broga is right for students of all ages (16+ at this location). The North Branch YMCA preschool and before and after school program was awarded the first 5 star Step Up to Quality award for Y child care programs in Central Ohio on January 21, 2015.
The areas of programming that Step up to Quality access include the individualization of all learning and developmental standards for children, ongoing professional development for teachers, education requirements for staff and administrators, administrative and leadership practices that focus on continuous improvement in programming, engagement with family and community partners and health promotion standards.
This is to slow yourself down and take note of what is present in your mind, body or breath. Sun A and B are good warm ups to heat the body and move the spine in all possible directions.
With the twisting and folding most practices include, it is not a good idea to perform on a full stomach. Sonia brings more than 10 years of experience with Pilates, dance and kinesiology, which provides a unique and whole-body fitness experience in her classes. Katie became certified as a group fitness instructor in 2012 as a way to earn some extra income while pursuing an acting career. Along with teaching at the Y, she also works at a chiropractic office as a rehab technician, performing therapy exercises with patients. We are self esteem builders, offering  programs ages 6 months through Active Older Adults, beginning levels to advanced lessons.
Reaching milestones together, the adult masters and 100 mile club are both great workout opportunities for Adult swimmers.
We strive to strengthen families and to enhance the lives of children with any kind of disability or special health care need by providing support, education, and caring connections to their families. Come meet new friends in a safe, fun environment while building knowledge of the art of color guard! From Track & Field to Lacrosse and everything in between, give your young athletes an edge! We will update as we progress to ensure our schedule is communicated during this annual refresh. In the fall of 2012, when she was 8, we joined the Grove City YMCA so she could be on the swim team.
With a background in multiple sports and nutritional counseling, Sara’s goal is to bring awareness to the community on what it means to eat healthy and the impact that nutrition has on the body.
Its an ideal workout for tummy and butt while improving functional strength and assisting with injury prevention. In one week they experienced rain, sleet and snow and temps in 30’s while working outdoors on the pool! She had been taking cycling classes for about four years at the time, and with a little encouragement from Lisa, Paul, and Sue (some of our other fantastic instructors!), she got certified to start instructing! She’s taught Muscle Conditioning, Boot Camp, HIIT, Water Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and Core Conditioning classes. Come join Donna on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30AM for Pilates, or Friday at 6AM for Cycle and experience the Donna magic for yourself!
The triathlon is designed to be a fun event for all individuals regardless of their fitness and experience level. This event will allow adults to create a corporate or community team of 10-12 individuals and participate in five major events! Some of these events may affect accessibility of parking and building access to our members.
This interactive program is designed to educate children in safety topics and techniques that can be utilized in real-life situations. We hope for you to build mastery, autonomy and meaning within your life through applied science, creativity and a social framework. Let’s see what we can do together to help all of us build the lives we were meant to lead!
Bring your passion to serve and strengthen your community through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. In 2013, we started a CSA program that provided fresh produce to area families, food pantries and local non-profits serving families in need.
Their contribution to the Y allows us to renovate our basement areas to create an improved group exercise studio and a new teen recreational room.
Led by YMCA volunteers: Debbie Brooks, Paul Weber and Margaret McCullough, 51 people joined and walked for 1 - 2 miles at Woodward Park Recreation Center.

Our staff depends on the talent and the extra hands that make everything we do a little extra special. Fact: many senior citizens have taken Yoga at the Y, and some of our instructors are well over 50! First, realize that Yoga is not a competitive sport, and you should not compare yourself with others. The practice builds muscle, improves balance and flexibility, reduces the risk of injury, and relieves stress. In the end of 2013, the North YMCA program experienced a couple of significant changes when awarded The Ohio Department of Education Early Childhood Expansion Grant and with a newly assigned 4 star rating under the revised Step up to Quality award system. For programs that are awarded stars it qualifies them to receive state funds to support all areas of programming.
For example, if your goal is to eat healthier in 2015 you will have more success if you start with a small progression. Your chances of sticking with a fitness routine are significantly higher if you work out with a buddy or join a group class. Perhaps drawing comparisons to what you felt at a previous practice or if there is any area that might need greater attention. Instructors can vary the sequence but it is essential to warm up the body before moving to static positions.
Have a lite snack if needed (small apple, some nuts, a piece of cheese, etc.) and wait until your practice is completed for a full meal.
Yoga works on the flexibility of the mind and body and accepts your unique starting position.
She enjoys teaching others how they can balance muscles, improve range of motion, and feel better overall. Through fostering partnership among families, professionals and the community, our children can not only grow, but flourish!
She was a little scared and shy at first but with the help of her coaches and new swim friends, it did not take long for her to love it! It promotes safety with equipment, correct form while weightlifting and creates a team oriented mindset while working out.
Also when  other YMCAs need subs for Yoga or Pilates, she steps in when and where she can to help.
It is awesome when someone gets into their "zone" and they are pushing themselves, making strides, and taking pride in what their bodies can do. With volleyball, tug-o-war, relay races, kickball and dodge ball; everyone is certain to have a great time!
Topics include: fire safety, bike, bus, pedestrian safety, the proper use of 911, poisons, stranger awareness, traffic safety, and animal safety. We have regularly scheduled volunteer days and host numerous school groups and organizations looking to participate in our volunteer and outreach programs. Our group exercise studio renovations are almost complete and we hope to have the teen rec room finished in a few weeks.
Many exercises for bad backs prescribed by the medical profession are actually Yoga positions. During 2014, the North program focused on rebuilding its programming with the increased enrollment in its preschool as a result of the Early Childhood Expansion Grant and implementing procedures to qualify for the highest rating, 5 stars, in Step up to Quality’s newly revised tiered system. The North YMCA program currently serves forty preschool children in two half day programs and 31 before and after school primary school age students, five days a week.
Try measuring your progress in other ways such as body measurements, how your clothes fit, your energy level and mood. After a week or two see if you can stay 10 minutes longer until you can complete the entire class.
In her practice, she has worked with numerous clients who have suffered from back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, as well as pre and post-natal clients, and athletes.
Are you looking to continue guarding during the school year, yet still have a flexible schedule.
That summer after taking swim lessons with the YMCA, her 7 year old brother, Coleman, joined the swim team too! All proceeds from this event will support the Delaware YMCA's Annual Campaign, which in return creates a number of opportunities for health seekers. In addition participants will be introduced to firefighters, police officers, school bus drivers, and many other community helpers. The program accepts publicly funded child care participants and provides Y child care scholarships for families who are not eligible for publicly funded child care. Once you have successfully completed this, keep with it and move onto the next progression. With frequent practice, you will become aware of these conditions and begin to understand the causes and what you can do to resolve either the tense area or the circumstance that may have caused sluggishness for example. He moved to Pickaway 2 years ago and now is looking to put his experience and knowledge to work at the Garver Y! Her services will be held at Newcomer Funeral Home 3393 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio on Wednesday Jan 27, 2016 from 4pm until time of service at 6pm.

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