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Training, and for that matter any solution, only provides value if it solves a problem you're currently facing, or creates results that you'd like to see in the future.
This program is specifically designed for professionals who have business development and sales responsibilities. To reach these objectives as consultants we want to create a solution that exactly meets our client's needs.
Helping Clients Succeed develops the rationale and skills to consistently create Mutual Exploration .
These principles introduce the paradigm shifts, concepts, and practical skills that build the foundation of skills that will be applied to the business development process -ORDER. Since often the criteria for making the decision are tactic and implicit, consultants will learn how to make them conscious and explicit. Consultants learn what to do when the client says a€?yesa€?, a€?noa€?, or a€?maybea€? to ensure there is a productive, ongoing relationship.
Consultants learn how to initiate new business with current clients and prospective clients. Consultants learn how to listen to the structure as well as the content of client statements and then ask questions that create greater clarity and mutual understanding. Your Client Partner is a dedicated key point of contact for all aspects of your business relationship with FranklinCovey. Helping Clients Succeed not only delivers concepts that give a strong theoretical foundation for sales and consulting, it provides the critical thinking (IQ) and communication skills (EQ) required to do it in real life.
Without sacrificing the realities of solid business thinking and a desire to build capacity for short as well as long term success, Helping Clients Succeed holds it's own for delivering the strategies and skills for delivering high sales performance.

Consultants learn how to collaborate with clients to develop a compelling business case around a particular solution, or to agree that a strong business case doesn't exist. Problems and results can be examined for evidence; evidence can be developed into economic consequences and impact, thus creating a sound business case for adopting a solution. Once consultants learn whom they must see, they learn how to get access to those they must see to develop a compelling rationale that is in the client's best interest.
Consultants will learn how to present the evidence and impact of a solution, within the resources allocated, and matches the expectations and needs of decision makers. He graduated with honors in economics from UCLA, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Discover how in this three-day workshop delivered by Franklin Covey's to consultants from the Sales Performance Group. Your Client Partner will help you with information regarding certification, implementation planning, and promoting your programs.
Most sales training teaches you how to get around or avoid the dysfunctionality of the selling-buying process.
This analysis permits both consultant and client to allocate resources to high probability situations and exit gracefully from low probability activities. A distinction is made between price justification (a€?Are we getting the best price?a€?) and value justification (a€?Is this solution worth the investment?a€?) Particular emphasis is given to establishing a realistic expectation on the part of the client on what is required financially to solve the problem or achieve the desired results.
Consultants will also learn advanced questioning techniques that keep the focus on the issues and not on the solution, how to deal with tough questions from the client, and how to answer the real question or concern. The hallmarks of Mahan are insight, respect, intellect, and a down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to business.

Getting those answers, or even knowing what to ask in the first place, can be challenging . The problem is that those techniques are dysfunctional themselves and lead to their own sets of problems. The Foundational Principles of the course help build the core competencies of asking effective questions to understand clients needs. They learn to position the written proposal as a confirming rather than a persuasive document. He is an expert in global best practices of sales and consulting, and has applied those findings to some of the world's largest and most successful organizations including Arthur Andersen, Microsoft, Walt Disney, and William M. This course deals with the dysfunction head on and teaches how to address the dysfunction in relationship building and performance improving ways. When the solution is presented, consultants learn to surface and resolve clients concerns (price and non-price) and to obtain a yes or no decision, rather than an indefinite a€?maybea€?.
Mahan is author of a best-selling book, Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play , and Asking Effective Questions.

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