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Click here for an overview of our research areas, with summaries of current opportunities and current available topics. This varied course focuses on the natural processes that occur on the Earth’s surface.
This course includes teaching, field work and projects, drawing from the expertise and research knowledge of staff in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences and The School of Environment and Development.
We offer a wide choice of units and field courses from both schools and have options to focus more on geology or physical geography depending on your personal interests. We familiarise you with the natural processes that occur on the Earth’s surface and how humans and societies have learned to exploit and protect themselves from these phenomena. You will study geological processes and physical geography in more detail; you will discover your passion for specific topics and begin to specialise. We are currently planning a two-week long field module 'Understanding the landscape of the Himalayas', run by the School of Environment, Education and Development. School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL.
Free Team Building ActivitiesHere is a selection of team building activities that will energise your next team meeting, conference or training session.Team Health CheckAs important as your businesses financial health is the level of morale and engagement of your people.
July 22, 2013Along with the 15 million people who have bought the book, we love Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Be proactive – Talent bingo, use specially created bingo cards to encourage mixing in your group whereby students must work the room to fill their card. Begin with the end in mind – Egg drop, using just drinking straws and a length of duct tape prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from 2 meters.
Put first things first – respond to a Disaster Scenario prioritising what to keep and what to do. Think win-win – Sweet exchange, negotiate with other teams to collect a valuable set of sweets.
Seek first to understand – Circle of Questions, listen to the same question answered in different ways to build deeper relationships.
Sharpen the saw – Observed Feedback, conclude these exercises by giving and receiving constructive observations from peers.
For more information on how Fresh Tracks could work with your team, call  0845 485 2182 or click below on 'make an enquiry'. If you have an event coming up or an issue in your team you’d like help with, we are very happy to give free and impartial advice. Our recently updated catalogue lists the most popular team building activities on offer along with our latest activities.
We’ll follow up with a report identifying your strengths and recommending how you might improve.
This concise book can be read in minutes yet sums up the essential facts a team leader should understand.
As a consequence of the shoot project, biodiversity on the Norfolk Estate has bucked the national trend of decline and has not only halted, but has been reversed. Plant bugs and leaf beetles have returned to 1940s levels and bush crickets, grasshoppers, and butterflies are gradually increasing.
The project employs one head partridge keeper, one full-time underkeeper and a part-time keeper, who was taken on to control predation on the farm at North Stoke. These are leaders with impact – performing amazing feats on a grand scale, or against immense difficulties.
Some recent research has opened the debate on what we can usefully view as the critical characteristics of good leadership. The single most critical element in engaging the workforce may be the effectiveness of an organisation’s leadership.
Leadership used to be viewed as relevant largely to those in more senior, more influential positions in an organisation and based on a command-and-control model. Leadership at all levels involves creating a culture in which all staff will actively seek changes to improve performance. Nothing is more likely to engage the workforce more than the belief that new ideas are welcome, will be listened to and perhaps, acted on.
Leadership at all levels is arguably just another way of saying empowerment, a strategy which has been much in vogue since the advent of downsizing, right sizing and delayering, all euphemisms for describing how to do more (or at least the same) with less people.
While it’s true that empowerment involves a transfer of power from more senior to more junior levels, there's often an assumption that leadership is also transferred.

The relationship between an empowered workforce and the manager is in many respects similar to that between parents and their children.
There’s an almost inevitable period of adolescence experienced between childhood and maturity, typified by a desire to test the boundaries, delinquency or rejection of responsibility (think of Kevin, the Harry Enfield character).
Much has been written about the situational nature of leadership - that the effective leader adopts a style or styles according to the circumstances. The table indicates that the Authoritative or Charismatic leadership style is the most effective in terms of positively influencing organisational culture and that Affiliative, Coaching and Democratic are not far behind.
Since Goleman’s research was carried out in the USA, it is perhaps not surprising that the Americans rate the Authoritative or charismatic leadership style most highly, as the Americans seem to have a love affair with John Wayne-like charismatic leaders!
Research by Beverley and John Metcalfe (4) suggests that Britain may have developed a less macho view of leadership than the USA. While Charisma makes an appearance in the table, it is well down the list of personal qualities. The Gallup study of performance at unit level covered more than 200,000 employees across a dozen or more industries. Covey goes on to suggest that gaining the trust of others rests on the leader’s Integrity, exhibited in the way we express and live our values and beliefs.
Covey thus stresses that a leader’s integrity and values - regardless of his or her position in the organisation - is the foundation of potential success. Francis Fukuyama (6) calculated the economic advantages of trust at both organisational and national level.
If you are fascinated by rivers and seas, get excited when you spot unusual strata on a cliff, want to understand about climate change and how it has impacted on landscapes, ecosystems and people, or just have a strong interest in physical geography, then this joint degree in Geography and Geology is for you. Our Course Director, John Nudds, is dedicated to the care and support of students on this course, which typically ranks among the top-rated courses for the entire University. This year also strengthens your capacity for independent learning and your abilities to develop logical arguments on a range of geological and geographical issues.
Our practical classes and field courses will extend your communication and technical skills so that you have the necessary experience to prepare yourself for a future career in geosciences. There are also one day field courses to the Wirral, Delamere Forest and along the River Irwell associated with individual course units. The modern plan of block farming was replaced by a traditional farming system with smaller fields planted in rotation incorporating winter wheat, winter and spring barley, oilseed rape, peas, stubble turnips and grass leys. One hundred and four species of bird are found on the estate, including 23 out of the 52 red-listed species in the UK. This will not only bring huge conservation benefits for wildlife, but also demonstrate how shooting and conservation work together. This could involve something relatively minor like moving a filing cabinet, or more significant such as rearranging an office in order to encourage a greater sense of belonging and a team identity. Nothing is more likely to disengage the workforce than for their ideas to fall on deaf ears.
The truth is that empowering people still places a big leadership demand on those doing the empowering. In the early years of a child’s life, parents will typically provide strong leadership, set standards and take responsibility for all-important decisions.
Krakauer, a journalist and top class mountaineer in his own right, joined a guided ascent of Everest as a client in order to write a feature about high altitude guiding for an American magazine.
Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence (2) has revisited situational leadership and evaluated a range of styles according to their influence on organisational culture. The Coercive and Pace-setting styles were found to be generally negative, though Goleman stresses they do have their place, if used sparingly to avoid demoralising staff. Their research contradicts a number of commonly held beliefs about leadership in organisations: that leadership is rare, that it is found mainly at the top and that it is about being superhuman. Interestingly, the research was carried out with approximately the same number of Public and Private sector employees with almost identical results. Teams that rated their managers highly in each of these four factors were more productive and more profitable. In organisations, a lack of trust translates into the need for greater hierarchy and vertical integration. We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and our friendly atmosphere will make you feel welcome in our close-knit community as we support your learning and prepare you for employment. A field-based dissertation project in an area of physical geography or geology and assessed coursework allow you to explore topics in great depth, supported and informed by the research of our academic staff.

The Duke of Norfolk said: ?With the large amounts of grant money currently available under the Higher Level Stewardship scheme, there has never been a better time to re-establish some of the old partridge manors in England and the project of the Norfolk Estate at Arundel, hopes to help to show the way.? His autobiography has sat on the business best-seller lists for months – the hunger to learn the lessons of leadership apparently undiminished despite years of intensively-marketed leadership development programmes and guides. The majority of organisational managers will never experience the power and authority of a Jack Welch; few of us will face the real possibility of freezing or starving to death on a daily basis. What does this mean in practice, what are the benefits and how can we be sure that leadership at all levels won’t cause organisational chaos or anarchy? Alternatively it could involve challenging traditional stereotypes: for example an NHS cleaner who takes a greater interest in patients and passes on observations to the ward sister rather than sticking rigidly to her or his role as a cleaner. So cleaners who show an interest in the patients might be reminded that their job is to clean floors, not to be a clinician. As a child matures however, there's a progressive transfer of responsibility until, hopefully, the child is able to take full responsibility and eventually flits the nest. Effective leadership then rests on the ability to encourage personal responsibility, which will include experimentation, and the judgement to allow mistakes in the interests of encouraging personal responsibility. The guides adopted a command-and-control leadership style, making it absolutely clear that responsibility lay with them and that the clients must do as they were told. A number of incidents, some tragic, indicate an overly deferential attitude towards the aircraft Captain, for example the Kegworth air crash in 1989, when a Boeing 737 crash landed, almost onto the M1 motorway due to engine failure. They go on to say that most leadership research in the USA has focussed on top management- people like Jack Welch of General Electric and Lee Iacocca of Chrysler for example. We have a number of dedicated staff focused on enhancing employability and have excellent links with the careers service.
Your dissertation will be closely supervised by one of our experts who will dedicate time to guide you in your project. In addition, Norfolk Estate entered an environmentally sensitive area agreement that was transformed into a 10-year Higher Level Stewardship scheme. The reasons why staff might not suggest any of these changes are often to do with assumptions that it's not their responsibility.
The truth of course is that the cleaner is as much a part of patient care as anyone else in the NHS. Command and control leadership involves leading and guiding from the front - the heroic model of leadership. The leader provides a safety net of support so that the outcomes are learning and new insights rather than humiliation, loss of confidence and an unwillingness to take responsibility in the future.
Cabin attendants and passengers noticed that an engine was on fire some time before the crash but didn’t notify the Captain as it was assumed he would be aware of the problem and didn’t like to bother him! The Coercive style for example, is typical of more traditional British manufacturing companies where polarised management - workforce relationships result in defensive or threatening postures. Our Geography and Geology graduates enjoy a wide range of careers, not only those directly related to the geosciences industry, but also in accountancy, management, education, marketing, sales, the media, advertising, land management and environmental work. This included 10m conservation headlands with broad leaf weeds encouraging insects on which the chicks feed, and 6m cover strips, which give protection from raptors. It’s also very easy to discourage people to be innovative or to seek new solutions to old problems.
An empowered workforce however needs to feel personal responsibility for problem solving, ideas and making decisions.
The desired outcome is to move towards an interdependent, adult - adult relationship between the manager and the empowered workforce. Our Geography and Geology programme is also a perfect springboard to further study, with many of our graduates going on to higher level masters and research degrees.
Grey partridge numbers are now at 1959 levels and lapwing, skylark and corn bunting numbers are at early-1970s levels.
The empowering leadership style then becomes much subtler and concerned with facilitating, coaching and guiding rather than telling or directing. Only after five people had died due to these decisions did he question and regret his own inertia.
In the long term, neither leadership style is effective and simply wears the workforce down until they are either non-engaged or actively disengage.

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