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Perinton Volunteer Ambulance offers free CPR classes - Story --> You are using an outdated browser.
Fern Drillings, RN, MSN, is a certified childbirth educator and a certified CPR instructor. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Red Cross recommend that all parents receive training in First Aid, Infant CPR.
This comprehensive 2 week series is designed for couples seeking in-depth information related to labor and delivery, breastfeeding and newborn care.

For couples whose schedules preclude them from attending a 2 week series, we offer private intensive classes to meet individual needs.
Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy what we have to offer and consider joining us at one of our monthly meetings! Our mission is to provide a quality preschool experience that helps your child to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. She has been a childbirth educator, CPR instructor and lactation consultant for over twenty-five years.Fern received her Bachelors of Nursing from the University of Rochester and has a Masters of Nursing with a specialty in Womena€™s Health Care from the University of Pennsylvania.

Learn Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for infants and children, as well as basic first aid and safety techniques. She is a member of the faculty of the New York University School of Nursing and of the Adelphi University School of Nursing.

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cpr classes in rochester new york

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